Cpa in this Block wave 😨

I have got many issue with blocks with my cpa account even with good warmup,scheduling, 4g proxy… Still grt blocked after 20/30 follow is it because i dm cpa link with spintax (knowing that the link was already used in other account)
Do you think it’s not worth to play with cpa now that there is all this problem do i just have to wait and just focus on my growth account following manually waiting for the “big jarvee update” and use cpa spamming in other platform with no issue like snapchat or tiktok ?

Can i ask you how are you working with Tiktok? :slight_smile: If i will be you i would stop on Instagram till next JV update yep.

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I don’t even know how tiktok work i think i am now gonna make tests by myself i am install it because what many of us do (me too) is waiting that there is a magical person that gonna show us how to make cash on an app that is pretty much getting to 1billion because i am pretty sure that many people use cpa spam on it with private bot or just manually and don’t talk about because it’s goldmine that’s my plan for now let my bot wait for the “big update” and stop using cpa spam on insta till then and see how it works on tiktok

Anyone can tell us another idea that is worth to do for cpa spam as it’s clearly impossible to do it now with all this blocks ?

Im glad they block you and i hope they will in future too if you try doing same thing. One of the reasons why IG hit us so hard are guys like you who are spamming the network with adult cpa, child accounts and other trash…

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Lol bro chill out you seem frustrated because you can’t grow your account and when you said spam there is a difference between use it wisely and keep using it badly with no spintax huge follow amount in low time… Also you said child account… Seriously if you think that child account is causing all of what we are on it now go spend some 5000$ on a tailopez course or go spend a 200$ ad per day on insta to get your beautiful 10 follower per week


Someone got triggred so bad :joy::joy:


Haha , btw do you agree with my strategy ?

you betyer cloack your links or use a landing page which convert best and i highly advice you to put your link in thank you page and not LP cus instagram scan the link page you put on your bio and may rise a flag

That’s what i do bro cloaker link and do it only on dm not bio but still get block do you use cpa on another platform with less restrictions like tiktok for example?

Didn’t know that people are still doing CPA on Instagram :smiley: Most of them just quit, but you are an exception :smiley:

CPA spam is one of the reasons why we are facing with all this bullshit in past 3 months

because people cant even make their CPA/slaves accounts look somewhat authentic

cheers, sons crying now

Cut the bullshit, we all know the reason. instagram going after smm-panels (fake likes, followers, views…etc) because they are making load of money and users tend buy them more than instagram ads.

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also cleaning the platform from spam is general (basically what you are saying) because all those fake thots spamming “i have a big booty” on all big accounts is okay

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Still recommend to test the LP
It is normal for one site have Related Links to other sites.

Bro. First of all i am not on this adult offer stuff that automatically bans secondly it’s not because you have 0 result that you have to start complaining and cry like a child be a man and adapt to the situation lol why i am poor because of the government same statement

Seriously so you tell me that people stopped cpa on Instagram then where they do it on tiktok ,snapchat or what ?

My lp is working when i click on the dm cloaker link i send so i don’t think problem come from it

Can someone give his advice on my idea any suggestions??

I saw on tiktok that there is no method to get link oj caption or bio only on dm so finally is it worth it knowing that there is no tiktok bot atm so i have to do it manually?