CPA Method With Slave Accounts

Generate some fast income with this method. You just have to have your followers fill out some information and you’ll get $1-$2 pay out per registration. It’s a quick method to generate fast income with your spare accounts.

  1. Have some accounts, the more the better.
  2. Set them up in a niche that grows fairly quick. Babe, makeup, bodybuilding, travel, pets ect.
  3. Register your affiliate account of choice. Ogads is good.
  4. Setup one account to be the mother to offer the product.
  5. Setup a link tree (VERY IMPORTANT)
    Register with bitly and add your affiliate offer then take the link generated and tweet it on your twitter account. Now copy the link to your tweet and paste it in your bio. Twitter is a high authority site to Instagram that way your account won’t get banned.
  6. Start F/U on your child accounts saying, “Hi are you interested in a free (whatever the offer is), then follow the instructions at @youroffersmotheraccount. “

Now you can setup your own affiliate money machine. Each child account should get about 5 registrations a day depending on the niche and automation limits. Imagine having 100 accounts. That’s $500-$1000 a day!


Newb question:

  1. Setup a link tree (VERY IMPORTANT)
    Register with bitly and add your affiliate offer then take the link generated and tweet it on your twitter account. Now copy the link to your tweet and paste it in your bio. Twitter is a high authority site to Instagram that way your account won’t get banned.

So not go to but setup our own version of a linktree? For i nstance, One affiliate link added to resulting in one link and tweet that bit/ly link as many times for one unique tweet url link per bio, right?


That’s exactly it!

Let’s stop dreaming.
Do the math firstly:
Each child account can send about 50 DM’s/day.
At the best case scenario, about 40% will open the message.
Then, maximum 10% will visit @motheraccount “to follow the instructions”
Then, probably 5% will click on in @motheraccount’s BIO
Then, probably 10% will click the prelander
Then, probably 2% will fill the form.

So, for 50 DM’s/day/child account you get:

50 * 0,4 * 0,1 * 0,5 * 0,1 * 0,02 = 0.002 filled forms

SO, in order to get one filled form, you had to fire about 25,000 DM’s…

SO, if you want to EARN 1000$/day, you have to have about 15,000 child accounts botting for a month just to earn 1000$.

15,000 accounts to create will cost you more than 1000$.

P.S. don’t dm me guys for financial advisor… (joke)


:joy::joy::joy: even with 100 accounts with this method idk if he get’s 5 conversions…

This link tree is too big Twitter> pre-lander> landing page


I understand your concern but I can promise you, that depending on your proxies you can send substantially more dm’s Per day than 50. I can send between 300-500 a day depending on which proxies I use.

Even if I can send 1000 DM’s per day, I wouldn’t do it. Just bizarre roadmap. I like your optimism. Maybe your idea sounds good, but you have to get into maths :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t advise anyone use a linktree. Because the links are disguised, it’s not trustworthy for folks to actually click on it, thus reducing the chances of conversion. You should create a landing page (multiple links if you desire) using your own domain.

I appreciate the optimism here, but the offer would have to be pretty damn good to actually get those registrations - like handing out free money or something which would probably end up costing way more than the $1000 a day you’d be aiming to make.

Not to be rude but if you do CPA you can easily understand that reach 1000$ per day with 100 accs, its impossible. Some big guy in CPA didnt reach 1k per day neither using 15-20k accounts

I just tried the twitter and they wouldn’t let me post the tweet… hmmm…

maybe this method worked 4/5 years ago, but now you need to bring branding campaign and stop spam. The spam era is finished years ago.
The customer, now it’s the core of every social management.

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I’m a total asshole but it seams like you guys are really not into CPA offers. Try it yourself with a free makeup sample offer on 4g proxies. I’m not saying this method is sustainable for the long term, we all know that, but for someone looking to get their feet wet it’s a great intro into making some cash. Personal brands, E-Com and performing services will always be the more sustainable business model.

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Their are always exceptions to the rule my friend :money_mouth_face:

Is it? Twitter->Landing page-> redirect to offer

Is it impossible?

You tried tweeting your prelander and then copying the tweets url into the bio of the account?

You can use any Web 2.0 or high authority site such as twitter. I’m not directly talking about the company I’m just talking about a link tree which you make up yourself. If you need you can also use weebly,blogspot or medium to create a safe affiliate url for twitter.

Nice, but just for a easiest situation and depend on your niche.
Thank you for sharing

how long have you tried this?

Wait wait wait wait wait wait.

Do you think instagram can’t find your landing page which is behind twitter tree or whatever? Their render engine is just like our browser, they can also follow redirection, no matter how much 301 you’ve put it. If there is too many 301 redirection then they simply block the URL. If such a thing is works fine, then people won’t spent thousand of money on cloacker services, they can simply hide their URL just like that.

I don’t want to hurt you, but your all steps are shared on many platform, you can find 100 thread like this in BHW. People just see green things, but generating profit wid ogads is really tough task, you get banned everyday if you go over 100+ accounts.

In short 50% people tried this and they all start their internet marketing profession like this, then after they discover something else(golden egg), but this is silver egg my friend, sorry.