💩 Crazy messages people send 🙈


Funny things people say on DM.If you guys have anything funny you want to share,be my guest.:smiley:


It should be an ongoing thread i my opinion!


This forum is G-rated, I can’t post the best ones!


Did you send nudes?

I wish I had anything good to share, but I just get solicitations from people to take pictures of them for free, people who I would never even want to shoot with for money, which is unfair and kind of rude of me but I have to be selective at this point, just don’t have the capacity to work with anyone, especially if I don’t want to :grin:


Not yet,gonna make it special.

My favorite one


I think we all got catfished atleast once before


never a dull moment. I wished there’s a better faster way of managing them on MP


My favorite are the messages i get on my personal account. Chicks basically threatening to tell my wife that im likeing there pictures…we laugh about it.


Lol ,thats a first.


Some women are so full of themselves they think a fuking like is getting hit on.


More importantly, why would you post something if you don’t expect people to look at it or engage with it? Do they just want to save selfies of themselves for the future?


Can you post a NSFW on imgur? It won’t show up here but you will be able to see it only if you click the link.
Don’t know if this makes it legit.


I don’t think the threats are “threats” I mean they obviously want the bone. It’s mind games dude!


I have a personal account. Fitness niche. On my profile I wrote "!! for business enquires only !!"
I get anywhere between 20-100 DM per day.

They are not funny though, mostly creepy / cringe / wtf
If I get all this messages I wonder what big accounts of beautiful girls get.

Anyway this is one of the best and I got it like 2 days ago lol. It is an automatic message he sends to all of his new followers, but made me smile


stop exposing me. Private messages are meant to be private.


Whoever @social_networker is, he needs some help setting up his bot.

Even funner still…


UUmmmm…no thanks???


Here’s a good one


Not sure if he’s the boyfriend…


Do you??


One of the oddest messages I get across the board is “hey”. Not sure if it’s actually sad because people are lonely but I never respond. I mean, if you contact me, maybe say why you’re contacting me… (I don’t run any personal/people accounts, so nothing about why people would just want to chat).


I’ve been getting a bunch of the same on one of my accounts as well. It’s a magazine, and to me that makes no sense. “Hey I love your pics”

Uhh, thanks? But this isn’t a “person” so why the “hey buddy” DM? It’s odd, makes me wonder if it’s spam, because don’t people think before sending messages? It actually takes work to send something :thinking:

I’ve been getting a lot of random hearts sent to me, or “So beautiful” for my nudity-related stuff, which I guess is expected, but do they not realize it’s not ME in the photos and that I could care less what others are thinking about the women in my photos? It’s art, not porn god damn it :laughing: