💩 Crazy messages people send 🙈


A little? It’s fucking obnoxious to get spam in general, and it’s depressing when it’s one group of people, it just creates a stereotype. I bet they never like or comment either, just send you stupid DM’s.

“omg ur so hot send me nudes plz i wana fucc”


Definitely tryna slide in the DMs lmao


What should I reply here:


How about: “send me your dick pick first.”
“picture and caption*”


No need to read that shit… :shit: :joy:
Didnt ask this guy anything, but seems like he wanted to tell me his entire life story! Thank you :joy:


Welp 3 weeks ago I accidentally got hooked on a drug i should of not been taking… I ended up sending messages to ppl I do not feel comfortable now talking too… I sent nudes to like 5 different girls smh. (4 of them blocked me fml)

I also started up conversations with ppl i don’t talk with on a daily biases. Just an awkward 3 weeks of my life that was all a complete blur. Thank god im back & alive. Almost overdosed at one point. Feels good to be back! Say NO to drugs kids…i mean it be careful what u put in ur body.


Good to have you back, Swagwaffle!

Please keep in mind:

  • This community and
  • your IG empire & your future employees

need you! :wink:

All the best to you :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you & Facts! I really lost it . I thought what i was taking isn’t really harmful ( according to google ) but once my friend took action and told me to stop taking it. Withdrawals hit me and i never seen those coming…they are a true nightmare. Luckily i survived. I didn’t sleep/eat for days. Today im feeling 90%.but its ok things are getting better.


I feel really bad reading that! I am sorry that it happened but happy that you feel better!

I hope you feel way better soon though!

Please don’t do anything like that again!! :smiley:


Thank you. Things are getting better. Im doing a full 360 with my life. Im not even touching alcohol anymore.

What I experienced was a step into the dark side… I feel like It was well needed for my ego. I was getting too carried away with life. Maybe it was a calling to focus on health instead of $ all the time. Anyways one thing I do know is I will never go down this path again and if i see my friends in the same situation im taking immediate action. I remember the friends who just told me im a loser…or that I should stop & thats it… That never helped. Im tired of people helping friends/family in a half ass way to stop a drug thats taking full control of them. It was my 1 friend that took action who saved me.


You know when you do a 360 you are right where you started? :smiley:


Flagged…im not in the mood for sarcasm especially when it has to do with a life / death situation.


Flagged for what?

You come in a crazy thread where we all have some fun, make a dumbass remark about doing a 360 and start crying like a little girl because i just pointed out that you were doing a circle

Get the fuck over yourself, you are not that important.

Flag that, bitch.


"We are sorry to see that you unfollowed us. In order to maximize our time to support our followers pages, it is our policy to unfollow back. As part of the Stop Follow Unfollow movement we also block any account suspected of following simply to increase their own numbers. "


He is right - 360’ will bring you back to where you started. What you are attempting to do is 180’.

Watch this video - it helped me to get over myself and live at peace with the world. It’s one of the most life changing videos that I have watched. Understanding this will help you to cope with the things that you are going through. Good luck.


I know such messages - I have some accounts with beautiful girls. Some men even sent me pics of their dicks…sometimes I am ashamed of my gender brothers…


Got it today )


Reminds me of some hustle they do in my country, where they call you and tell you your family member was responsible for some fatal car accident and try to shake you down for money. Interesting method though, there is no way for a random businessman to know in advance if this is just a guy sending messages and making money from thin air or a real negative SEO dude. Almost certainly the first option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: People like us we may have a laugh about it, but there must be lots of people who pay up.


Other people got it too


Somebody is butt hurt! (even though the account only unfollows after X days)



I got one too: I responded with: “Nothing is real.; Everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins.” I didn’t get a response ever since. <__<