Creating 4g mobile proxy

Hey! I am trying to setup 4g proxies through mobile or dongles but i am uncertain what hardware and software i will need to setup
i only want 5-10. Can anyone share something?

Haven’t used their service myself but dig around and see if you can find something useful.


I’m using them now. They are ok. Quite buggy and the modems go down quite often.

But are the best option for non developers that don’t want to spend heaps on a UI.

don’t want to sell anything here, BUT, for 5-10 pieces you will be better buying it. I say this as a creator-owner of medium size 4g mobile proxy service and I tell you, even if you have several devices and you don’t know how to optimize things around or to debug for improvement, it will be a nightmare in the long run. You’ll need very good sync between hardware and software otherwise, what’s the point in having 4g that rotates but modems go down quite often as @heroeslair mentioned?!? Also, you need software for checking uptime, maybe you don’t want to have it around your home and you need to have it in a remote location so you want to control it from distance, don’t forget the electrical infrastructure, having a proper temperature so they are working smooth etc. There are som many variables to take into consideration that don’t even worth it. The thing is that if you have a good setup for 10 pieces and they work smooth, without downtime then you can scale to hundreds and thousands.
Myself I don’t see any difference in having 10 or 100 if you have the proper infrastructure.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


hey i know about proxidize is there any alternative? Like with raspberry pi or something.

As far as i have read i will need

  1. Modem/dongle
  2. Router/wifi
  3. Rasberry pi
  4. Ethernet cable

Am i missing something?

My brother is a developer but he is not into proxies or any blackhat work, he will take care of the software but i need to get the hardware fitted know the overview of setup so that i can guide him.

Thanks for sharing the opinion but Its not about the convenience i just have the curiosity to setup my own and actually i don’t want to get dependent on someone else’s services too much.

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Nothings missing apart from the software. Which is the hardest part.

He will need to know how to code in linux.

Just try to figure out how to use these 2 apps in your mobile
-Servers Ultimate Pro
-Proxy Server Pro
They are paid apps but they also got a free version.

Is it true that Proxidize secretly makes use of your 4G proxies through their software?

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Do you mean how to add the proxies from those apps? You need the PROXY IP:PORT, PROXY USERNAME, and PROXY PASSWORD so you can use it in Jarvee. To add the proxy to Jarvee, please check out How to use the Proxy Manager - Jarvee as a guide.

Not sure if I understood your question right but if the proxies have been added in Jarvee, only the accounts you link in Jarvee can use those proxies.

Proxidize was taken off the appstore because android believed they were stealing data.

I was using the real version with dongles and it used more than half the data the app did. So, wouldn’t surprise me if the app was misbehaving.

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Is very possible … How they make the money then if not by creating 4g proxy on your phone???

They have a dashboard and proxy ui for dongles. I was using it. Works well

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They sell hardware (dongles, USB hubs etc) so you can build your own proxies at home. Additionally they sell the suitable software for the hardware. I think its even more suspicious since they could get more proxies running by users and maybe use their data volume.

Is hard to prove something like that but will make sense… Same can happen as well with others providers

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Thats why I want to create my own, but I‘m pretty stuck right now

do you know how to make yourself ? Or what is your idea to make them? Do you want to use with dongles and raspbery pi? or using phones?

I run proxy business.
Here’s what I think- creating them isnt the bigest problem.
problem comes after that. Maintaning them and maintaining the uptime is full time job ( uptime is not just a internet connection and power backup) and any new comer would only realize this later. I think @heroeslair would agree. Proxies are prone to multiple point of failure, if you are not selling proxies or dont deal in bulk above 200. Or need specifically proxy from your home location- Its not worth the time/money.
problems dosent stop here- There will be more as you go along. cant discuss all here.
I was able to achieve 100% uptime after 8 months into the business back in 2020.
Not demotiving people those who want to enter this space, but by reading this you can check your postiion and then decide if this path is right for you.
any app or software that allows creation of proxies and not 100% transperent. I wont trust them in 10 lifetimes.

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I don’t think the proxidize system steals data as when I wasn’t using the dongle no data was being used. So, easy to check that.

The issue lies with a few things as @ggncool stated.
You need good usb hubs and not run too many on one as this can cause issues with connectivity. I had the proxidize version and had terrible time running more than 10 per hub (the hubs allow 20).

Also there were lots of random issues with the proxidize dashboard itself. Sometimes one or more proxies wouldn’t work. Sometimes they won’t rotate, sometimes the ip on my modem would change and proxidize doesn’t know this so it stops port forwarding. All of this stuff can still happen on a private setup.

I would see how much your data plans are for unlimited or more than 40gb a month and compare to the proxies on the marketplace or online and see what the expenses are like.

My setup is New Zealand based and data is very expensive here. So, half of the money I earned on my growth services went to proxies. Very costly.

If you are running more than one proxy you need some form of UI. It becomes very hard to manage things running from a phone or from a script. You have to be home and awake all the time to make sure its running.

My phone setup was terrible when I was doing that, phones would disconnect and the battery would die. It would get stuck in flight mode instead of rotating. Just lots of downtime, which means angry clients.

Im not a proxy seller, so this is just my experience.

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