Creating instagram accounts on desktop? good or bad

hello I work at a hospital and literally have hundreds and hundreds of computers here and was wondering if I can create instagram accounts from each of the computers by creating a new gmail account on each computer. I think this is a great way because it does not require any phone verification and you just use the gmail instead of a phone and then I can then put the accounts on jarvee and then run it from there… would this be a great way? or not

Hey @Bradley. It’s an interesting idea, it would really depend on if you could force a new external IP after creation. Do you know how large of a subnet your hospital has?

Can you me some more context here?

Is this like a school or place where all the computers are using the same IP address?

It’s generally best if you can create them on the app on a phone with a 4G connection.

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Some organizations like hospitals/schools have purchased huge blocks before IPv4 was exhausted.

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I do not know it basically just shows the view IP and the client IP and they hide the rest of the other stuff but I just created an account no problem, the only thing is now that it is created I cannot upload pictures or videos on the desktop so I guess I just transfer the info onto jarvee and just build the account from there

ya but I would like to create several accounts and cannot afford a new phone just to start a new account… there has to be a very affordable way to creating a new instagram account

you can try with few of them but still you will need proxies to run them on jarvee

Big organizations such as hospitals usually have a single WAN conncetion (or a few) - which is the connection to the wold wide web. So probably every computer you’ll use to open an account will have the same IP address (from Instagram’s perspective).

I don’t think you’ll find this method reliable, Let me know if I was wrong (:slight_smile:


@Bradley Unless you have access to the network/router to change IPs you cant create many accounts. U need to change IP for every 1-3 accounts at the least.

I wouldnt risk having the accounts linked each other. Every account should use one IP address at the time to be on the safe side. Same with proxies. Using more than one account per proxy can work, but it can also can be a nightmare afterwards. Even when the accounts dont get banned, you can experience a lot of blocks and PVs. I really prefer to prevent myself from that headache in the beginning.


where would be a great place to get 4g mobile proxies in your opinion

I heard you can create your own mobile proxies on my iphone by switching airplane mode on and off and it supposedly gives me a new proxy??? is this true?? and where does it show the phones IP address when on mobile?? it shows when its on wifi but I cant seem to find it on mobile

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Maybe just create the gmails so that when you can afford a mobile phone with 4g you already have the emails created? Sign up the new emails with a newsletter that goes every day or an educational newsletter from a university. I read those are more trusted through gmail so it makes your new gmail a bit more trusted without requiring phone verification.

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how can I create a gmail account without a phone verification?

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Residential IPs are less likely to require the phone verification I feel like but if you make too many accounts in a certain amount of time it will require for a pv and this could be days or weeks just from what I notice. I haven’t done any official test yet but I switch Between my home and work ip for making gmail account and sometimes my phone works with no PV but it varies

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cant you just give them a landline number when they ask for a phone verification and then it will say the code to you lol

If you’re going to be creating them on different computers, then the accounts will be fine. Only way you’ll run into an issue is if you were trying to create them all from the same device. I did something similar to this last year (not at a hospital), and the accounts are still active today.

so say I create 100 accounts on 100 different computers here and they are all using the same wifi, do you think they would be safe still?

They’ll be fine.

so how can I create gmail accounts or any email account to start the accounts and what if they ask for a phone verification how would I do this