Creating multiple accounts from one phone

Hey guys! First post here!
im looking to create other 2-3 accounts to grow but i have already reached the limit of 5 accounts with my phone. Im not looking to use any automation for these accounts and i’ll not use M/S.
Whats the best way to it?

When you have a dynamic IP and you don’t want to create the accounts in bulk you can create few accounts on your PC from time to time.


I don’t know about your country. But here where I am, we got mobile shops and the mobiles are all connected :grin:
Prepare everything and go to the shops and create 1 account on every phone. Simply 5 accounts shouldn’t be difficult to create


Here’s a decent thread on it

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The simpliest method is:

You can use a different phone, install the Instagram app, and then create the extra 2-3 accounts you need.

Since you are only opening up a few accounts and not going using it for M/S, you don’t need to use any of the advanced methods you see elsewhere.

Use device ID changer on a rooted android if you need more.