Cringe "influencer" loses her account

Has anyone been following this sad excuse for a human beings story?

I hope she loses all and any future IG accounts she makes. Paid for 90,000+ followers, then created fake drama to grow another account just to lose it lol.


Is this the chick that they wrote about on ladbible?

“I have no job qualifications, I could never work a normal job.”


Yes lmao. She somehow had 400,000 views on her new account in a few days. Glad it was banned tbh. Watch her show up here for help, like every adult account that gets banned does.


There are some legit people that need IG for their field, photographers and that stuff, but if you are an IG “blogger” and that’s your only source of income, then you just are not doing something right.

IG can and will take it away from you, especially with the crap she posts. I feel bad for some people, like the laquerista (womens nail account) that was bringing in bucks, and they worked hard on with no automation, no fan pages etc. That sucks to grow to 200k followers naturally without selling boobs and it gets banned. But people like this? Meh.

I mean, if mine got banned, I’d be pissed, but I have them backed up 100% and would have them back in no time.


At least those people all grow naturally. She was buying 1-10k a day at one point, while losing 300 daily just to make up for the losses in fake accounts. This video shows 50k of her followers ATLEAST are fake. She could have bought HQ american followers.


Some whiteknighting.

Not making a good case for herself.

Defending herself against “haters”, she says: “If you’re watching this from my f***ing high school or middle school saying ‘oh but she had such a perfect life, her parents are really rich’ and s*** like that, first off, just because my parents are rich doesn’t make me rich,”


  • Instagram has just reinstated the account, and said it was removed "in error."

She may be an insufferable loser, but sometimes I want to cry. Lost my personal/journey account - but I gave up so whatever - it’s all a loss, but I do feel like I should be balling my eyes out like a crybaby millennial would.

Except, well, I actually value my strong work ethic and a real job is for me, regardless of my miniscule unenaged following. She’s just a sad individual.


Damn it!!


You are a photographer. You have a skillset and talent. She has… Mommy and Daddy?

"I know people like to see me be down and be like them and the ninety per centers - the people who work 9-5 - that is not me, I am in LA to not be like that.

Rich parents and she chose to be a prostitute. Most people that have to resort to that, don’t do it because they had life opportunities and wasted them.

She said: "I was a fucking prostitute… I don’t do that anymore because I make all my money online. I don’t want to go back to that life.

"What some of you guys have to realise is I have no skills, I’m twenty-fucking-thousand dollars in debt from college so I can’t even go to college if I wanted to.

Great. I worked my @$$ off while in sales to get through school and paid my loans off. $20k in student loan debt is like she went to community college.


Pretty sure she didn’t even finish college. I only attended a 4 year school for one semester and my debt was like $7k. I think she pulled that number out of her ass lol.


I don’t know, I could live the hooker lifestyle, but my body wouldn’t bring in much cashflow, or digital currency, whatever you youngsters use these days. Venmo? Cash App? Doge Coin?


"Taylor told the Insider that she was aware of content in which she made racist comments, for which she apologized.

“That wasn’t from the bottom of my heart,” she told the publication. “At the time I didn’t have that many followers, so I thought if I say this maybe I can get more followers.”"



LOL, good she should be shut down. The really concerning part is:

“It feels amazing!” she told INSIDER. “I had one of the founders contact me and they told one of the tech people to give my Instagram back and I got an email!”

INSIDER previously asked Instagram to explain why Taylor’s account had been removed, but they usually don’t comment on individual cases.

However, a few hours later a spokesperson got in touch to say Taylor’s account was deactivated “in error.”

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused,” a spokesperson said. "We worked to rectify the mistake as soon as we were notified and have already taken steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you make $500k in 3 years and wasted it, then yeah, I have no tears for you.

Taylor said that though she made $500,000 from her account over three years, “that money does not last.”

“I called the police actually and told them about this, and they said you can’t compare a murder to this, and I was like, no, that’s exactly what it felt like.”

Boo-hoo, call the IG police.

Her parents must have called and offered money so they don’t have to deal with her anymore.

Please, stop making stupid racist people famous.


Holy shit that’s desperation, it’s almost like this presidential figure who says inflammatory things to get attention… :thinking::thinking: except, yeah :face_vomiting:


You should have had rich parents and become a prostitute. That’s on you for being so short sighted <_<


She made $500k in three years and couldn’t pay off $20k in student loans. I think we know who should be deported back to the UK


The illegal caravan headed to the US to take my job? Is that the right answer? What do I win?


The caravan to take your IG account so you can’t buy anymore Gucci bags.

All this media attention might get the IRS involved.

That’s what I thought, I knew Brexit was doing something bad, and now these illegals are handpaddling across the fucking ocean for nothing. Scumbags. DEPORT. Anyhow I’m derailing this so joking aside, back to the deplorable influencer.

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She had to pay for all that therapy I’m sure after having sex with the robotic contraption. Which btw is how she got her start #trueStory . She was brought to fame basically having IcePosidon film her.

I mean for 500k…I’ll try anything once.


The more I hear about her the more I want back all the oxygen she wasted.