Cringe "influencer" loses her account


I won’t lie, one of the reasons I got into social media marketing was because I believe we need. better. influencers.


imo there’s no way she actually made 500k, at least not from Instagram alone.

is it bad that I feel a little bit bad for her? Not that she lost her account, but that she has no self-esteem


Her Guccie bags and 500k comfort her tho


did you guys see this Reddit thread that showed up in the news?

if you look in the comments, the guy says his wife only has 2k followers but he “wouldn’t be surprised if it doubles by the end of summer.” Oh, honey.


Thanks but you can keep her.
We have enough problems over here already and I don’t think she will do anything significant for our economy.
We are in need of a new prime minister though, is she qualified?


Excellent advertising for IG. All the drama drives so much attention to IG and this chic. Spun very well I would say. And IG appears like they rescued this poor chic. Hell ya, better than any soap opera. Entertainment at its best (better than “sex and the city” which I also don’t watch).


Goes to show to lead ppl outside of IG to create a database which you own (email list)

Or diversify your portfolio by being on multiple platforms just in case shit hits the fan

Common folk go crazy for drama. So this is good entertainment


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket folk’s!


Facebook and Instagram is one basket these days, or getting that way. Not so many baskets out there.


True… May I ask you, Felix, what are your other baskets or maybe 1-2? Thank you :smiley:


Well tbh, I don’t earn a lot with Instagram in the first place. But at the moment I am working on some longtime projects like building an email list for example.

The rest are just some creative things that I came up with, but rather not share.


That was in the news? People really and truly get addicted to likes and number of followers. Social media is a drug. Ex Facebook execs even say it. It’s super unhealthy. To me, Instagram is a tool and that’s it.

2k followers? To many people that’s a lot of followers. Not enough to obsess over for sure IMO, especially since 99.9% of us here can do that with a single IG in a month with nothing but f/uf.

To each his own I guess. Reddit is where journalists go to get easy stories.


classic gold digger


She used ice posseidon and other cx youtube livestreamers for clout. She sells her “premium snapchat” so no wonder her account got deleted. I looked up a video of her having some fun with a dildo robot lol Nah i will not link it here but google it if you into that kind of stuff.

In this clip she shows how filthy and lowlife she realy is


No thanks, I’m good.

She looks like she’s smuggling two Christmas hams in her ass, and has lumpy pillows where her stomach should be. Whatever she has going on in that top looks like she needs duct tape to hold them up.

Her face looks like this guy is her father.


And it looks like she fell down the ugly tree and then got hit right in the face with a Semi truck.


She looks kinda like a female Ron Jeremy, so I’d say she belongs back in porn… but she doesn’t have the face for it.


I don’t think she’s ugly.she actually has a really nice body and in my opinion a decent face. If she had a developed brain she might be a decent women


So you like them T H I C C eh?


You have some pretty low standards. Her entire face is pretty unpleasant. Even if she had a developed brain, she has the ugliest personality on the internet atm. Then again, you’re 13. Your standards will get higher as you get older, trust me lol.


they probably will. All i can do right now is hope :slight_smile: