Cringe "influencer" loses her account


What is really infuriating in this story is the fact that Instagram did give her account back. We are talking about someone who literally bought 75% of their followers:

And yet we are all here struggling because if we like too many pictures or follow too many people per day we might get our account disabled? Really, WTF!?
Instagram only disabled her account because lots of people reported her and not because she bought fake followers.


They disabled her new account though. Getting no traction to her original account, due to the fake following. Her new account had 400,000 views in the 2-3 days it was up. So, not a total loss for us honest folk.

Edit: Jk she got that one back too lol.


I had no idea who she was… I didn’t care. Then I saw this thread…

One search led to another and I found myself on not YouTube watching some robo arm thing… I wish I can unsee it. Damn.


Guys, where would we be right now without influencers like this though?! Teeth whitening black lights and charcoal face masks would only be failed ideas… not the society changing products our kids will read about in marketing classes 20 years from now. We had pyramid schemes, they will have this shit. :rofl: hahaha


Premium Snaps are making bank, but $500K I don’t think so.