Crowdfunding campaign social media

Hi everyone.

I don’t think someone has ever brought this topic up to the forum yet, if so please send links in comments as I couldn’t find. Appreciated.

I am about to launch a crowd funding campaign in indiegogo, do you have any experience in it? It’s going to be my first time. How to you effective social media bots and not only for it? Can u recommend something?


Can you explain this a bit more? I really dont understand what you mean with this:)

In the big picture, yes, social media bots can be very effective to get visitors on your crowdfunding page. But if you are launching soon, you are too late to set it up yourself. Tools like Jarvee are very effective, but you cant just start with 200 social media accs and go full speed. it has some learning curve.

You can always hire an expert from this forum to set it up!