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Hello Guys !

Right now, I’m having fun doing tests on the stories. I had an account that was a bit struggling with the views (72,000 followers and 2500 story views). As I sell shoutout stories, I absolutely must increase this number.

As I said earlier, I made 2500 views, when I posted a basic image, I made an average of 70 views through the hashtag.

TEST 1 : With a gif, I am on average at 2900 views with an average of 300 views via the hashtag (I also noticed that I rank very quickly on the hashtag, in about ten minutes).

TEST 2: I posted a video to see if the range was better. Bingo! 3000 views with 100 hashtag views. Even if I prefer the image format for stories I will really get into haha videos.

TEST 3: The Instagram filters, I don’t exactly have the name of this thing anymore. But it’s just a little animation that Instagram does on your story. I tried it on an image and on average on 10 stories I made 3100 views. This figure should be taken with caution, I only realized it on 10 stories.

TEST 4: When I use a story “tool” proposed by Instagram like polls, the bar, or the countdown thing, I tend to make 200 more views or 2700.

TEST 5: I tried on 10 stories to put a maximum of widgets, (I put most of them in very small to not bother the user), and the number of views remains on average at 2400 and I do not rank on the hashtag.

Now I’m going to do the cross-tests, mix a few variants to see what it looks like!

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How are you going to conduct the tests? Are you going to upload few from the same test batch in 24hrs or upload all tests to your story one after the other?


My basic story is a picture from unsplash : https://unsplash.com/

I always take different ones, I do averages to make the numbers more viable. I use 2 other accounts, get their average views per story and do proportionally so that the results are relevant.

So, I have 3 accounts that can provide me with regular data, I take my unsplash image and add the gif/countdown/filters and I analyze these figures about thirty times (for the moment). It’s a long job but it’s exciting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i always get more story views on my account when i add polls or “Ask me a question”

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Yes I see that too ! :slight_smile: How many views above the average ?

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Is it weird when an account that has been growing really good gets the same amount of story views as it did a year ago?

I think if you have more followers and the same number of views on your stories that’s pretty weird ^^

What is a good story engagment in your opinion? Of course depends on type of account but let’s say 150 people watch the story and 65 take part in the poll, would that be a good ER?

Generally asking what your guys’ expirience with story ER is :slight_smile:

So, with 50k + accounts, I think 10% views is great (In my opinion) then if you make 5000 views, 20-25%+ answer the poll that is really great :innocent:

Thanks for sharing the process!
This is what I call a detailed testing approach haha.

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I don’t guarantee that the results will be the same for you but I am doing my best to make them relevant :slight_smile:

Haha, you have to be as precise as possible with Instagram and the tests ! :innocent:

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I have a serious issue with Android. Basically the video quality sucks big time. Doesn’t matter how high the quality is, I even tried 4K. Using Android my video look always terrible while my friends that use iOS have very good quality. Does this happen to some of you as well?

My views have only doubled, but my following has gone up from 10k to 75k in a year and a half. My views are super low, so I I think it’s probably pretty normal.


What phone do you have? I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the actual camera app has an Instagram function, which will increase the quality. The IG app API, like snapchat, just takes a screen capture of your camera app rather than using a native camera app which murders quality. The reason for this is because there’s hundreds of different androids and the IG and Snapchat devs are lazy. It’s a work around so they don’t have to make a version of the app for every android device.


How many views with your 75k account ? :slight_smile:

On average, 800-1000, without any hashtags or anything. 2-3k when I use the big hashtag for my niche, but it doesn’t always rank. I had 200 views when I had 10k followers though, so it could be worse.

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Wow ! I thought 2500-2800 views for 72000 followers was not much but apparently it turns out it’s not that low :hushed:

From what I’ve gathered here, it’s based on post engagement/reach. Those who engage with your posts, are first to see your story at the top of their feed and vice versa. I know an influencer with 200k that averages around 20-30k views but he asks his followers to spam emojiis on posts, and always does a good job of encouraging comments, so it definitely seems to be helping his story numbers. He mostly uses it to advertise his youtube.


I don’t know if the ER is really important. My account has always had the same number of views (proportionality respected) while his ER moves all the time (1 ==> 10 ==>> 5).