Cryptocurrency - Litecoin is Lit

What do you all think about cryptocurrency? Do you ever do transactions in cryptocurrency? I really like the non-traceable & non-disputable part of it, but it seems almost all clients only want to use PayPal & bank wire.

Also Litecoin is currently up almost 45% in the last 24 hours…:thinking:
Bitcoin’s currently only up 6%.

Last time i checked bitcoin it was around 500$ now its over 3000$!

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Bitcoin hasn’t hit $3,000 yet, it’s getting close! Litecoin was under $4 in March, now its over $48…

Maybe i should start farming again,my pc is running 24/7 now anyway :smiley:

Not worth it nowadays, you’ll spend much more on electricity


Eth too!!!
I am buying Bitcoins and going to trade with eth and lite…

Seems lite will be like bitcoin in some years

At the moment I’m in 2900 euro profit with only Eth!

It’s really awesome guys!

Seems like these cryptos could be a good investment - maybe a portfolio spread between ETH bitcoin and litecoin

How does it work - how can you purchase them? And are there any general tips?

Ethereum looks interesting. Friend was suggesting to invest in it a month ago, it was around $90, now it’s 300+ :smiley:

I’m always late to the party, or maybe it’s not too late yet? :slight_smile:


It was same for the bitcoin last year.
Its definately not to late.

I love ethereum and the community is amazing

My buddy and I are actually really into investing into cryptocurrencies right now! We have our money spread across a lot of different coins and some startups utilizing blockchain technology and we’ve already seen our small test investment double in a few weeks! Look into Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, all of them :slight_smile:


How do you invest into them- which websites do you use? Any tips?

1 Like is a popular site. @josephd12345

Eh master please teach me how to mine coin. It may be a good idea to save some money on my idle computer resources on my server

Honestly its probably not worth mining anymore. We’re talking pennies. @Jklmno


i just read the latest news in Chinese media that bitcoin has dropped 15% in value last few days, but this could be specific to just the chinese market (i read some statement saying that the Chinese traders have lost control, something about that)

is this fake news? or just chinese speculation?

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I bought BTC and LTC in 2013. I had to sell BTC, because I needed the money. But it was way too early :cry:

LTC was back then 4 USD. I think it broke 40 USD in the same year, then it got back to 4 USD again. In the last months LTC broke 20, Nigeria might have played a role. A lot of people started using the coin as currency. Now it broke 40 again, probably because Charley Lee left Coinbase and joined LTC fulltime. LTC I still hold and treasure.

I kind of missed ETH, I was too late. So this year I invested in Golem, after listening to some interesting podcasts on Epicenter. In April I bought Golem for 0,10, now it’s at 0,50. It won’t be so big as BTC or ETH, because the scope of the application is smaller. Nevertheless I think - or better say hope- it has plenty of room for growth :sunglasses:

I bought Golem via Poloniex and Liqui.

I only invest money what I can miss.

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You know, I always think you cannot make these as long term investment because if new technology emerges, then these will all be worthless

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Bitcoin is now over $4.5k…