Daily Follow Limit reached to early

I’m warming up two accounts right now. I’ve set the Follow limits to 0-50 with an increase of 50 per day. The first account I started yesterday, the second today. the first account yesterday followed about 50 people. That worked. The second followed 15 people on his first day until the daily limit was reached. So also right in the range of 0-50. the first account was able to follow on his second day, but only 3 people until his limit was reached. Does anyone have an idea why this might be? I have already gone to the proxy settings. There was an error and had the proxy verified. The limit remains and it does not follow 50+ people.

important to mention, the accounts have different niches. I copied the settings and accidentally copied the same Follow Sources (10 different) for both. Is it maybe because of that?

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My man, it’s best to use the snipping tool for screenshots.

So you only want to follow 15 per day?

Did you make sure to not follow private users? If you follow a private user, and they don’t accept it will hit it’s limits and yet not show that it followed.

Sometimes it’s a bug, but more often than not it’s due to a private account being followed. If you find out it followed a private account and you have it set to NOT follow private accounts, then check with JARVEE support as it might be a bug.


Also, thanks for pointing it out @ian . You have it set in a range so it chose that random range.BRB need to make coffee or something. Me no comprende

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Is the snipping tool a tool in Jarvee or do you mean a screenshot program? I have not heard of it yet.

I would like to follow more people.

I chose in the settings: “Do not follow private user”

Okay I will write to the support team, thank you @wortime :slight_smile:

Yes, I have chosen this area to make it look more natural and not always the same number of Follow Actions. That’s why the first account 15 is okay for me

Not so fast. As @ian noted, you have it at 0 to X, it looks like it chose 3 for that day. Choose say between 7 and 15 and it will choose from between those.

Are you PC or Mac?

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If the range is 0-1 million, 3 is still in that range. Set the minimum higher to not “reach the limit” which is anywhere within that range at random.


I do not see the Post @ian. Okay, so a number higher than 0 (say 5-50)

But I have also set an increase. If he follows the first day 0-50, then should the second day follow 50-100 or did I misunderstand something?

Okay now I see it. Thanks

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He Put increase 50. so second day is 50-100 or Second day is 0-100? I thought it’s 50-100.

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Yes, same thoughts here

Which proxys you use?

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quality mobile proxies from this forum

I saw. Is the minimum currently set to 50 or not? If not, then that’s the potential problem, if it is then something else might be causing it.


@roy Do you use PC or a MAC? And what OS for each?

Never mind looks like Windows 10.

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So if I set an increase at the beginning should the follower range increase from 0-50 to 50-100 in the settings?

Sorry i forgot to answer this question… Yes it is Windows 10

My Settings Never change


It’ll make it easier for you.

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Press Windows key and type: sn :slight_smile:


For the almighty snipping tool :ok_hand:t4: