Danger: Stress Will Get You!

This may sound like click bait, but in fact its not.

I am going to share some personal issues I have been going through over the last year in hopes that it helps others learn from my mistakes.

Lets start with IG! Its f%^$ing stressful. You can be happy and making a tonne of money. The next day all your accounts are dead and you have a lot of unhappy clients yelling at you asking for refunds.

The issue with me, is that I work the best when I am stressed. I use that pain to make myself work hard and push through. Its the only reason I am still doing Instagram now.

The thing I didn’t know is that stress can lead to Auto Immune Issues, diseases and all sorts of nasty stuff.

I got hit with Covid in March and I had to go to the hospital a few times. I was coughing blood, terrible mouth ulcers, hearing intolerance, rashes, night sweats, tinnitus… plus a lot more I won’t go into. (I am vaccinated)

After a few months it got a lot better, I was feeling nearly 100%.

Then IG started going nuts again, killing accounts in mass and the program I use didn’t work well anymore, my expenses were too high and started to stress out a lot.

I got sick again, and this time it didn’t get better. In fact every week Its been worse from that point on. I have terrible muscle aches, heat intolerance, mouth ulcers… but I still work 8+ hours a day, I still do my best work!

After 5 Doctors, 10 blood tests and 4 months later we know that I have very high inflammation and a few other bad results whichI won’t go into. Which means my immune system Is fighting me and its most likely an auto immune issue. I am currently waiting for a referal to get a biopsy of my stomach and also to a pain clinic to get better pain meds. Fingers crossed that its curable.

I have been doing a lot of thinking and have made myself realize that its not the end of the world if my accounts die, I can get more. I do not have to let this job stress me out.

Its working sofar! Do not belive all those Internet Guru’s that say stress will help you etc. Stress literally causes inflammation. Too much inflammation leads too diseases.

The only plus side that has come from this, is that during this time I made a friend that helped me stay on track, helped get me through these harsh times and we partnered up and now have one of the biggest and best Mother Child Systems available.

Bringing in another person has helped me so much to minimize stress and also have someone to brain storm ideas from in order to make the best service we can. We now also have other services available.



I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems! I agree with you in some ways and sometimes your stress can help you find ways to be more efficient, or realize what’s truly important in your life and why you should not sacrifice your health over any kind of job or contract.

I’ve been knowing you for a while and your work is amazing! There is none in this game that pays more attention to details and making sure that your clients are being taken care of.

I hope you will find balance in your life and continue doing what you love while being healthy, happy, and not stressed :slight_smile:

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Totally agree with you. Hope you figure out your health and start to feel better. :+1:

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Hello tough life story. Navrenoe due to the fact that the story is real, it is so harsh. Totally agree with you. No job is worth the nerves and health. We must not forget about ordinary life, when you can just wake up and walk through the park without pain and breathe into full lungs. This is real happiness, and today there is work and it works well, but tomorrow it may happen that it will not begin and everything will stop.
But, life doesn’t stop there. We pay for our sins and mistakes with our health and pay with illnesses, and if this happens, this is not the worst option, because if this were not the case, we would simply die for any wrongdoing. At least that’s what I believe.

You’re a good guy, I followed you on the forum, you helped people many times and if you criticized, it was justified. It’s just that you have your own path that you have to go through, the main thing is not to regret anything, difficult times are given to us so that we can do something or understand something.
I sincerely hope that you will soon feel better and you will fully realize why you were given these tests.
Be strong.

By the way, if you need to tighten up the immune system, I recommend drinking iodine, just not the usual one, since there is too small a dose, only 200-300 micrograms, you need at least 10-15,000 micrograms, pushing monovalent iodine so that it does not accumulate in the body. This is important!
In general, if you want, I can tell you in more detail how to get owl health without pharmacies and hospitals.

Health to you)


1000%. I’ve learned that you can stress and throw away your health/relationships for a business and STILL have it go under. And in hindsight, if I had taken better care of myself and maintained healthy habits, it’s likely that I would have been able to figure out a way to succeed. This is the key.

Also this. Going through a storm with a rockstar business partner is hell, but going through it alone is unbearable. Finding a business partner that I can also call my best friend has really changed my life and my career in the best ways, even though things can be rough :slight_smile:


@heroeslair spits facts

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100% Agree with you. I’ve been through exactly the same thing, in my case severe migraines and IBS, and it’s all fucking stress, which destroys you, you start with a little thing but it degenerates and either you control yourself or it ends with you. It is not easy, to this day I am still learning to manage stress, but you have to take care of yourself, otherwise we will soon have a heart attack :joy:

Good post man! In Internet Marketing I find a lot of: work 4000 hours, do not stop, suffering is the tool of success, but everything in its proper measure, or those bastards do not have health problems or are suicidal

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Thanks! Yeah I had to force myself to not stress, otherwise I couldn’t handle this line of work.
Its more about using positive energy instead of negative and it may not motivate as much as negative, it is a lot healthier in the long run!

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Thanks rusty!

I will look into this. Atm im not eating gluten, dairy and chemicals to see if it reduces inflamation. Thanks!

I have also learnt this in the past. I feel that stress blinds you and prevents you seeing things at multiple angles.

Having a partner is definitely a great tool to have in this business. I agree!

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Yeah ironically. Those marketers usually just sell courses and make money off the poor. While not actually working the way they promote.

Just watch your stress man! I started out with IBS and it turned to food intolerance. Maybe check out the FODMAP diet. See if that helps you!


Appreciate it man, I’ll watch a YouTube vid while doing the now daily scraper replacing lmao :smiley:

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Haha I usually just meditate and try clear my mind a few times a day.

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Well done! I think you are on the right track! Good luck to you!

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Thx man! Yeah I started with IBS too and it turned to food intolerance a few years ago :joy: Now I’m pretty well with that and I can eat all types of food again, but it has been a long journey.

Meditating is a very good thing too, exercising, etc - In times of high stress the body suffers, I have had muscle pain for a few months, but it is very difficult to live a completely calm life. There are people who for some reason are like this, others are more nervous, but the environment and society do not help, everything has to be fast and immediate, and the human being is not designed to withstand so much stress.

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Look into leaky gut syndrome. It may be casuing your muscle aches. You may still have minor food allergies.

Ive been doing a lot of research into how eating healthy and cutting out food groups can stop inflammation and reduce issues.

Yeah I always meditate. I need to do yoga again!

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I make it a point to do other things, even recreationally use the platform knowing that the break from WORKING the platform will turn into better results when I resume my work.

Stress culture is not it, especially when the number of headaches grow consistently with IG’s algo’s. Doing everything “right” and “regular” can still create issues.

The frustration is guaranteed to surface in this environment.

There’s a lens where I’ve “gotten lazy” with my operation, but the approach led me to fix most issues I faced over the past 2 years for a smoother predictable operation with fewer headaches. I was able to learn things by DISENGAGING.

So while it’s important to recognize the following facts:

Its also wise to see the other side if stress is a motivator. It can only motivate you for so long before your body gives out. If you take a break, it actually benefits you; only, it won’t be obvious in the moment.

You have to let the course of time do its thing, just as you would let medicine work to heal a disease.

Let the breaks and downtimes inspire you to do something else, and come back refreshed to grow and improve what you sought to do through the platform.

@heroeslair my best to you and your health.

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Yeah man. I used to do lots of stuff before coming to JV. I was a personal trainer, played guitar, did jujitsu etc. But when I get super motivated I tend to get obsessed. Which is what I did for jarvee the first few years. Telling myself I can do guitar and BJJ when I have a million dollar business.

Fast forward a few years and basically all I do is jarvee and gym. My GF is good at helping me get out and about but my brain tends to alwyas be in work mode.

Its tough being a very motivated person as its does make you sacrifice a lot of things. Including your health.

This is why I shared my experience. Mainly to let people know that stress is a great motivator, but when it becomes crippling, it ruins your health.

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