Depop Influencer Journey Thread (1 Month Challange)

Hey guys,

I heard some amazing things about Depop from a friend of mine and I got to check it out. The platform looks really promising. Organic reach is very easy to get and everything is centered around e-commerce so it will be east to monetize my following. Every day, I will post on this thread what I have done, how many followers I have and hopefully sales. I am looking forward to hearing your guys feedback and tips.

This is my DePop:

Im excited!! Woo.


I’ll be following. Good Luck :wink:

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Interesting stuff. I’ll be following.

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@itsbenha how is it going?

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After a full day of using DePop, I have 15 followers and following 72 people. My strategy is to use DePop like I do my personal Ig. I just post my daily life. I figure this will work well because everyone is focused on selling on DePop and I will be one of the few recreational/entertainment accounts.

I am pretty optimistic about DePop!

I’ll wait for updates about it

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I have been following people to get followers.Basically following standard Instagram growth strategy.

25% of the people I follow, follow me back. So I am very optimistic with my targeted following strategy.

Right now I have 45 followers and following 200.

I have only posted one post. So I do need to curate more content.

Nice! Will follow. Keep us updated