Disabled account on Instagram

My account got hit with the 24hour infomation review and after that I got disabled and I was told to take a picture with a code which I did .and no reply it’s been 24hours and above .I want to also know if I pay for Facebook ads to be able to chat with an admins will my bank card be safe there as i am in Nigeria and we have a lot of fraud issues here so trying to be safe .
Although my Facebook is linked to my Instagram my Facebook wasn’t disabled .
Are there hopes that I will get my account back ? Will they reply? My aching got 71k followers and it is 7 years old

I mean my account got 71k followers and it is 7 years old I have been sad and depressed since 3days cried my eyes out .no one understands

Maybe this could help.

Do you know why your account got disabled? Have you been doing some different actions on it lately, buying some followers, likes etc?

I tried to login through a third party app to check whose unfollowing as I keep dropping followers and they hit my account with the 24 hours review

It’s surprising your account would get banned simply because of that, have you been doing any other kind of automation?

I guess that the Facebook method might work but no guarantee as for your credit card we can’t say that it will be safe or not that depends on your actions and how you use it, I think that you should keep submitting those pictures with your info on them until IG replies