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Alright, sounds good! I appreciate the help!!


I am sure an influencer I am helping out would love this too. Never knew it was that simple! :hushed:


If they or you have good content/ relevant content, you can easily start your own outreach program. I was starting this with clients of mine. For a while all I had was travel or mommy bloggers. It’s very easy to send them offers since you know how they grow, if they have fake likes/followers/engagement etc.

Prepare a proposal/list of who you manage and send it to local PR firms that deal with hospitality. That’s far easier and more fruitful than reaching out to hotels etc. individually.

We ran a couple of different hotels/hostels while we traveled. Their social media etc and well as operations, and I can’t tell you the number of “influencers” who approached and had a horrible approach. They might have followers but were terrible at PR. Let the firm do the work for you. It’s standard to take a cut if they get paid of course.


Yes, Im too of the opinion that micro-influencers are the way to go. Looking at some accs, it seems to me that their audience is much more connected to them.
Now people know that big influencers “advise” just because someone pays them.

For a luxury product, perhaps I would consider big influencers.

But for everyday products / “advising marketing” / “imprinting marketing” I would always choose only micro-influencers. Both for the costs, but above all cuz people are much more connected to them, believe in them and don’t think they are ads spammers.


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Doubly true if they are local influencers. Thats why they are so popular here.


So you’re kind of the middleman, connecting influencers to PR firms. Do you just charge influencers for that or do you take a cut from what the PR firms as well for providing them with the right influencers?

Wouldn’t you earn way more if you just reached out for the influencers and took a cut on the offer they get or am I misinterpreting what you wrote?


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Yes and no. When I joined the forum we had plans to grow into something of the sort. It only made sense right? I run the influencers and know how they are growing, their audience etc. Things just kind of evolved into a hodge podge of goods and services. We kind of lost our way.

We has just gotten back from a year and half of travel and were broke except what we were making with MP and a rapidly growing number of accounts to manage daily. I was working on growing my client base, and was getting offers from PR firms to either help with their IG or just outright offers or inquiries to local influencers.

As I mentioned I had almost exclusively Travel Bloggers and Mommy Bloggers. I reached out to a few brands before Micro influencers was a thing and secured some promos for my clients. Partly to help expand my client base and part as to move more into a hybrid of sorts.

Long story short, yes, depending on the deal I will push it to my clients or if the money is there I will negotiate the rate and take a commission from what the influencers make, as well as a fee from the brand. Sometimes it’s things like baby shoes or gift boxes, other times it’s paid.

We took an entirely different direction and I haven’t been active with this for a while. We went from wanting to be 100% online so we could travel the United States and work from wherever and were definitely headed there, but my wife found her passion so she quit her job and we started a Brick and Mortar business.

I could get back into that space and yes, I could probably make more money that way, but getting as mentioned above, getting influencers and maintaining those relationships can be like herding cats. I lost my drive for it.

There’s money to be made any way you can think of.


@MyFocus @golfer4lyfe many many thanks for both guides, both bookmarked! Finally know how to properly do nano-influencer marketing…
Being one myself (10 k followers), I get hit up by people doing that too, but they mostly offer me a 50% code instead of a free product.
If you want to do this, don’t do it like that, give actual free products guys please! Otherwise you won’t get long-term influencers for your brand! :wink:
Just my 2 cents… Or more 1 ct compared to the other posts haha


A ton of fantastic information here.

@wortime - I know a stupid ridiculous amount of influencers both big and small. Moving more into PR management has been a core goal of mine but it’s been a cruel and painful process moving in that direction. If you are willing and have the time to provide some insight for me there could be a few pounds of chicken wings in your future.

I’d love to pick the brain of someone who has been traveling down the same road and further ahead than I am.


I was moving along that road, but never made it. I took the fork and we are going in a totally different direction. We wanted to run an agency from the road to continue to travel, but things changed.

I had some success, so start small and stay focused. Keep your eyes open and good things will happen. You are level 3, so maybe make a post and see who reaches out. You never know. I’m sure there is more than 1 person who works for one or owns one.


The only ones I’ve seen that worked with the 50% off coupon code are the ones that allow you to then keep 20-30% of all future sales you drive with your code as an influencer. Has to be incentivizing enough monetarily for the influencers to work… but bikini companies we work with CRUSH with this…and 0% upfront expense for them.


I suppose it can work, I personally just find it annoying as an influencer haha… But maybe it is because I am into marketing and know that the companies make profit purely from my purchases, even if no one buys with my code haha…


Great post, I Run Shopify Store and botting with ig can be a huge hit in terms of $$ but if you dont know how to properly promote just a waste of $


After shipping and cost of product, somewhere between 50 and 40% off is break-even for a lot of the small businesses we work with, so most arent making a ton of money at that discount if they are a direct to consumer business model without a ton of scale yet.


As a livestream influencer myself I hate being offered sponsorships in the form of an affiliate programs. I don’t mind affiliate programs in general but PR firms reach out to me routinely and promise me tons of opportunities if I work with them…then I get a dozen or so affilliate only campaigns…most of which doesn’t even come with a sample of the product or service haha.

But the PR firms call them sponsorships and wastes hours of my time with phone calls and small talk before I find out aff. programs is all they do. Makes me want to set a box of puppies on fire.


As I’m learning, nothing is more important than building a “community”. I’ve grown so much but RARELY post and even less so stories. This has left me with some very non loyal followers (though my engagment still is good on posts). If you’re going the Influencer route, 3+ posts a week and constant stories are an absolutely must if you want any kind of personal brand. This is consistent with outside brands - if you don’t have a clearly distinguished look, they won’t pay you because they don’t know what they’re getting.


also what I experience haha… Everytime I get messaged I’m hoping: “This is it, this is a legit offer” Then everytime it is the same haha…


hahahaha that last sentence was pure laughter.


Fully agree with you, if you don’t have a true connection with your followers, all the numbers won’t help at all… Stories are a must, preferably where you talk to the camera, not just some food storeies and stuff… also imo Instagram Live is amazing at building that connection & trust with your followers :smiley: