[DISCUSSION] Pinterest Proxy Providers

Over the last 1 year I was 100% into scalling marketing funnels with the help of instagram automation for my customers.

Since 3 of my best paying customers are fashion brands I thought that I should also become experienced with Pinterest marketing.

Over the last couple of months I am getting consistent results from 3 of the Pinterest accounts that I run (from my office IP). That’s why I decided to start scalling the things a little bit.

What proxy providers for Pinterest do you guys recommend? I would rather not start testing before I get with the right one this time😅

Drop your opinion👇

Pinterest are not very picky when we talk about proxies. You can go with ipv4 datacenter ones and you shouldn’t notice any issues.

hi bro as cacats has mentioned ipv4 datacenter would work for you tho Pinterest is not that strict !

best to worst:

  1. Mobile
  2. Residential
  3. Static Dedicated
  4. Shared
  5. Public

Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys!

Some insights from my Pinterest automation experience so far to keep in mind:

I am running 4 accounts (1 Main and 3 Child) for a customer.
The main with the first child are running for my office IP and the other 2 from a DataCenter IP.
So far 0 errors occured :smiley:

I would like your opinion about smthin @alossra @cacats
Do you guys think that it’s better to repost an image-link to a child account or just re-pin it from the Main account?

Which method has worked the best for you?

Hey glad to hear someone else is starting on Pinterest too!
I just started reading about it last week and they aren’t as strict as IG, so any IPv4 DC proxy would work like others have menioned :wink:

From what I have read, linking the same website on several posts is not recommended. I actually got 1 account banned last week, but I don’t know if it was the link or the automation lol

Btw, what type of mother-child method is the most commonly used on pinterest though? I have seen a couple of different options and would love to hear your experiences too :slight_smile:


i would suggest residential IPs with differents subnet for each ip and no more than 3 per ip!!
Good luck

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Hey man, what results arw you seeing with this? How much traffic you get from the account and how often do you post pins leading to the website?

I am using shared proxies jo problem :slight_smile:

Imo social media focussed proxies are bs most of the time. They just more expensive than regular.