[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


This subject are popping up in others topics, so I opened this one to discuss it here.

Just one simple survey to start:

When it first appeared to you?

  • After the last update (august 5th)
  • Before the last update (august 5th)

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How many profiles the blocked account unfollowed (in the day it get blocked) ?

  • 0
  • 0 - 100
  • 100 - 200
  • more than 200

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The block appears:

  • Only in the automation software (via API)
  • Only in real life (via real mobile)
  • Software + Real Life

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I am only using EB and received an unfollow block.
It appears this account cannot follow either.
I can follow and unfollow through the app.
My theory is that the my mobile proxy is causing all of my temporary follow blocks and now this unfollow block,
I use very conservative settings and I am using settings similar to others who are having success without any blocks.
I am wondering if anyone is using HC mobile proxies who is not receiving blocks?
I think I need to find a mobile proxy provider who is located in the US


@runninx77 could you please send us a printscreen of the message that are appearing in your mobile when trying to follow unsuccessfully? (because you answer it in the survey)


All accounts UF blocked did roughly 125-170UF. 1 account that was API blocked for 3-4 days recently recovered, switched to 4g proxy. doing all actions now and unfollow works fine.


Are you using HC 4g mobile proxies?


@LuisEduardo Thanks for starting this discussion.
What proxies are you using?


Yes 3 connected to HC - 2 UF blocked, the one that was recently API block recovered finally verified and it runs smooth


It is an anomaly/ by chance like the last follow block wave


So, all of your HC mobile proxies are running great with no blocks at all?


No - of the 3 accounts connect to HC - 2 are blocked and 1 is not (recent api lifted one)
All DC are blocked


I understand.
I am receiving temporary blocks all throughout the day.
I think it may be because the proxies are in Thailand and I am in the US
I think I need mobile proxy provider in the US


Ive only used jv for about after june blocks. Moved over from FL and never had any issues unfollowing. Im guessing this is rare for jv users?


It’s brand new today.
No one has seen it before.
There are people on this forum using JV with great success, but my theory is they are having success because of proper settings and because of their proxy.
HC was working great for me for several months, but no longer.
All day long I receive temporary blocks


Ive used private DC 2+ years on FL with no problems and after June decided to try jv as it has more features… switched all dc into jv and trying the HC to see if any difference.

So far I can see that it is a bit better with HC - but yes like you said I get temp blocks too.
The DC private I have are actually not that bad as I can hit over 100+ FL daily, even 150+.
HC is more consistent with fewer temp blocks but still happens.

Just played with settings (both DC and HC not hitting over 100 in the past 4-5 days now), will see how it goes.
Going to test with setting up own 4g and seeing if any temp blocks.

Hope this helps!


Yes, creating your own 4g proxies seems to be the way to go.
I just have no idea how to do that.
Thanks for info, please let me know how it goes.
Thank you


All accounts are on CA mobile proxies- all accounts who were doing solely unfollow today are blocked


Are you exclusively using EB to follow?
I am in CA too, but using HC proxies
I am only using EB
I am only F/U


I am only using EB to follow and like. Luckily, accounts can follow, now I cannot unfollow due to this new wave that hit today. If the software could put an option to do literally everything on EB, i think that would be a bandage we can put on this whole situation until we have more time to figure out the main issue. Just sucks because I cannot clean up accounts now.


Thank you for your feedback.
I was thinking my problem is the HC mobile proxies.
However if you are in CA and using CA mobile proxies, that does not help my theory.
Have you been receiving a lot of temporary blocks?
I receive the temporary blocks all day, every day


ever since I made the switch from HC to CA mobile proxies, knock on wood, I havent gotten any blocks. They are a lot pricier but in all honesty i would rather spend the extra money to keep growth going on and keep all client accounts safe.