[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


Hey Cudi, do you Use EB Only? or use both EB and API for actions?


Yes, that is what I think I may need to do as well.
I cannot reach any of my targets.
I think I need to spend the extra money


Actor, do you not run into EB Blocks?
Usually EB only works well for me - but after a few days I get “Account not logged in” error


I have received very few “account not logged in” errors.
Just the temporary blocks all day every day


I only use EB for following. I dont know why people are using API because it just leads to blocks.


I sincerely hope the dev team is on this.


@Cudi @Actor_Contact

True. EB works way better.

Just I run EB for 3-4 days of smooth sailing and BAM - account not logged in error. I try to go login via EB but it keeps loading IG homepage so Im stuck. Switch back to API and it works but frequent temp blocks again. It feels like a never ending cycle of EB - API - EB…

Has this happened to you?


Not using API at all for several weeks.
I have cleared the cookies for a few accounts and that seems to work, but I am leery of continuing to do that and definitely trying to avoid doing it


Use the alternate cookies storage settings


I have that enabled when I use EB
Do you enable “log out of EB when follow using EB blocked”?



Yes I do.

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Everything was working fine up until the latest Jarvee update, had 0 blocks and was hitting daily targets. 90% unfollow blocked at the moment. I’m not fussed, it will clear… Just annoying if the cause is from the update.

Maybe if we all emailed Jarvee support with a link to this topic, they will also see what’s going on.


Will try again after this run with API.
From my experience, benefits and negative:
API+ … can fix itself when temp block, no need to delete cookies like EB temp block
API- … frequent temp blocks, cant reach daily limit
EB+ … gets a lot of my daily tasks done and reaches daily limit
EB - … have to manually keep delete cookies, will eventually run into “account not logged in error” (for me)


thanks cudi appreciate it


I already sent a support bug ticket. So we will see! After talking to some people, it seems as though they are blocked dispite the different proxies being used. I do not think proxies in this case are the issue as all of my accounts are ok following people using EB. I personally think this is an API issue. I am running all actions through EB now, the only action that is done through API is unfollow because the software, as far as I know, does not offer to unfollow through EB. I think if there were to be an update released by the devs, to where we can put the option to also unfollow through EB, it should clear up everyone’s problems.

@testing123 you got it g

@Mastema I agree. You remember there was a bug back in April I think to where we couldnt follow all day? And everyone was freaking out and then later that day there was an update?

Man, do I miss those days.


For everyone getting the unfollow block, at approximately what time did this happen for you? Because everyone has unfollowed a different amount of people today.


For me it was around 2pm


Same here 2 pm est


I meant are you using DC or mobile proxies
(poor phrasing - sorry!)


I get API temporary follow block API automatically switched EB and get blocked again. Then get action block on unfollow. Running JV from home PC using residential internet connection. 4 accounts. The account that get blocked is from another country (possibly an issue?)