[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks



anybody needs unfollow blocks? one of my accounts had unfollow blocks for sale!



weird but on many accounts we have EB block for unfollowing

anybody found any solution to this? All other tools work fine, this cant continue forever.


Have u try clearing cookies?


cleared cookies, reset device IDs, bang still blocked… might actually try switching to Unfollowing via API since its working on clients phone


What’s happening with these unfollow blocks? I’ve done 34 today after days being off for vacation and I got a temp block. I got a 7 day block from commenting, liking, follow and posting images (not stories) until tomorrow.
Any thoughts?


Since last week I had been unfollow blocked from EB, though I could always unfollow through my phone and through EB manually.

Today I stopped automatic follow/unfollow to at least be able to follow and I got follow blocked as well. Again I was able to follow through phone and through EB manually.

Then I reset cookies for the first time in my J life and blocks went away. I’ll let it rest now and start again very conservatively.

I hope it will be ok.


check this out ppl:



This video is pretty interesting about Facebook fighting spam.


I am trying to unfollow 200 per day. Run timers says I should be able to unfollow 275 and I am nearly reaching the 150. More people having this problem?


Is there anyone here with godlike settings that can screenshot them for me?


were you struck with Account Compromised message?


sadly 2015 is, at least in my opinion, fairly irrelevant, considering how much has changed.


No, just block


I do alot of manual F/U and there wasn’t recently an unfollow limit for me until about a week or two ago. Been getting a few action blocks which is annoying.


It’s about spam prevention. Really not much can change as far as spam prevention techniques. They still rely on core methods, as discussed in the video.

I’m not qualified to talk about it. 4 years so much or so little can happen.


I have also been receiving unfollow blocks lately.
Not sure if I should pause after the temporary blocks or not.
It’s so new, I am not sure what people are doing.