[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


I can unfollow more than 400 per day via EB

client account tho


Are you referring to the Quality or Raw-Mobile/Mobile Tier?


I bought 10 Quality Proxies.
Please let me stress that I’m happy with the service and quick replies and the portal. It’s just that all 10 accounts that I connected the proxies too have severe problems now and 2 that I worked on for over a year are completely lost because Instagram disabled them and will not reactivate them.


Accounts are really rarely disabled because of proxies so I assume something else was the reason. If you need help with unbanning just send me a PM.


can you share your settings? some accounts even after switching to EB only to unfollow still action blocked


Many are doing DMs to new followers (I assume via API).

180-200 unfollows daily.


Anyone else have noticed follow action block happening right after an aborted search no matter if set to max 20 min or less than 8 min?


Îm pretty sure there is no daily limits for unfollow
And i am even more sure that if there were limits it’s above 300.
Tested myself


Unfollow via EB is working for me :+1:


Whats the speed of your unfollow via EB. I use EB and before i never get action block but last week i saw some AB already when unfollow is done. Is the limit for unfollow also 200 per day?


I have heard 300


interesting, some of our accounts are Unfollow EB blocked (have “Unfollow via EB only” ON)
can unfollow via Phone on these accounts.


I did tests with 40 accounts they all get banned before reaching 300 unfollows, stop misinforming man.


Accounts get banned for unfollowing now ?
Funny enough


I do not have issue unfollowing more than 300 in some accounts and some are getting blocked below 300

So his point is not a complete misinformation/lie


All of mine where blocked sub 300


You are wrong anyway
No need to contextualize
Please stop being offensive


“no need to contextualize” lol


Whats happening now? I can not unfollow on my real phone, real account for more than 3 days without any notification from instagram.


All of my account have unfollow block today (through EB) - anyone else?