[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


DC proxies here.

EB only.


I am only using HC mobile and just received another unfollow block


Glad to see there’s already a discussion opened about this. Woke up to almost every single account UNFOLLOW blocked - first time I’ve seen this. All types of proxies including residential so that’s not the issue.

It could be that they are trying to add the ability to unfollow via EB as they stated a few days ago so this might be a bug while they’re working on it


Thanks for the feedback.
I am receiving the unfollow blocks too - first time ever.
I was thinking it was the mobile proxies I was using.


Do you mean to unfollow? Il check tomorrow if it’s still there and post it.


I have mobile US proxies, DC, and a few accounts on my residential home IP… all are unfollow blocked so I dont think it’s proxy related.


Good info - thank you.
Every day it is a new battle.
I am constantly receiving temporary blocks all day long and now a new problem.
I can’t solve the temporary blocks and now - unfollow blocks.
It seems IG is out to get us.


Also woke up to 300 accounts unfollow blocked.
API blocks affect the Unfollow Tool now also.

We are all unfollowing via API because there is no option to do it with EB.
Manually it works with EB though.

We only need an update from Jarvee to unfollow via EB.


so i will test only 50 follows and 50 unfollows after 1 day. i think they will block at 100+ these days :thinking:


Two of my accounts were blocked under 100 (one at 21 unfollows and then other at 72)
I think @socialgain is correct - it is because we are all unfollowing using API
It is another API issue


there’s a block with API - no matter what - with unfollow!
i got fresh new accs blocked from unfollowing.
it’s funny, since a week or 2 we’re asking an update to “unfollow only by EB” and today it’s APi blocked!
I am seriously scared, somebody from IG is here reading everything damn


This is an interesting one. I’ve always wondered why unfollow blocks were never near as frequent as follow blocks. I have 3 accounts experiencing unfollow blocks after zero unfollows. Very interesting indeed.


Despite the unfollow blocks, I have not seen this much growth in a while… My clients are growing like crazy today…


i was not unfollow blocked - YET (using followliker)

had 110 to 180 unfollows every day the last month. just yesterday popped the "your account was compromised’. (like the other threads said)


miss the good ol’ FL days… I feel like FL connects better than JV


i havent been hit with a big unfollow block wave so far, maybe 10% are blocked, lets see for how long.
All on DC proxies.


Hopefully the next JV update will have mouse movements or swipes or whatever…


this is what we need.


Cudi one more question do you do like actions on Only EB too?


everything, yes, everything is done on EB