Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


Any one here is using 4g Proxies and started to have a full 100% DM blocks just today with error 210 on jv ? i’m using 3 types of proxies and currently today only the 4g started to have Dm blocks, the other proxies seems to work fine zero Dm blocks, weird !!!.


There seems to be a bug on the bot. When I send DM via EB, it says temporary block. But when I open the embedded browser and manually send the DM, it works. So it maybe a false flag or IG implemented some updates again, idk.

I had a thread about this DM issue but it got moved to Level 2. I can’t access it anymore. That should have more details about this issue.


i’m doing all via EB but the Dms are being send via APi and today it was full DM blocks all the sudden, i see an error messag “too many requests”, which is weird because on the same proxies the follow and like actions are working as usual and not full blocked like the Dms.


I get that too when I send DMs via API. I don’t think this is a proxy issue to be honest. Before, when you get DM blocked via API, you just need to relogin and it will work again. But now, I tried to relogin a few times but it did not work.


I started getting this same exact error across all 500 accounts starting this morning. There must be something that changed…

All on API


i’m sure today everyone will get it sooner or later but i also think it’s temporary


Let’s hope… did JV put out an update last night?


We have hundreds of these errors now as well - on API and 4G mobiles.

Sent an email to support but won’t hear back for a while

Anyone else have info?


Had these issues as well on most accounts. Did not bother to message support yet as they always need so much time for even the most basic responses.


Message support - the more messages they get the higher chance they respond


Yes please message them - the more people that reach out the faster it will be addressed!


I have this 210 DM error on every single one of my 70 accts also!
I’m using API for DMs (I can’t send a single DM by eb bcos of the “can’t find the send button” error)
It worrying bcos I think this error has been around for a long time so I fear JV can’t fix it… :grimacing:


Yeah same EB just doesnt work for DMs. Make sure to send support an email with screenshots so we can get this 210 fixed ASAP!


Same here, usually never get DM blocks either


Me neither! Hardly ever! They’re so important to what I do also :sob:


I’ve seen it’s been around for ages though (not for me; I only experienced it for the first time today but I read about people saying they had 210 DM errors)
So that makes me think they can’t do anything about it…it’s worrying me :persevere:


This only has been a major issue as of last night. All 500 of my accounts were running smooth and now all have the issue. Same thing with everyone in this thread.

I’ve had it a couple times now and then in the past. Never like this


going through the same issue, do you think it’s because of the bot or ig trying to stop dm’s?


Hopefully just some random IG update. As a precautionary measure I have upgraded my DM spintax today but still getting blocks.


I know people who’ve had it for a couple of weeks. It’s the same as when the follow blocks hit in June; it affects everyone gradually until it’s universal. I fear IG are now actively stopping automated DMs…but I REALLY hope I’m wrong!