Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


You are wrong on this. No one else has had this effecting every single account they have until now. It’s been sporadic across accounts. It’s now on every single account.


This is an EB version bug. Some EB (probably the old version ones) do not have the inbox. When you browse the EB, you should see the DM button on the upper right part of the page. If you don’t see it, then that is the time you won’t be able to send DM via EB. You most likely need to reset device ID until you get that EB with DM button on the upper right part of the page.


I know people using older versions of JV and this is happening to them also


That’s def true for me you’re right. My friend doesn’t have it on all - or even half - of his accts yet, but it’s probably heading his way as we type! Another friend has def had it on all of his accts for almost two weeks now…


Everyone please keep sending your logs in. Only way this will get fixed


Sending in my logs tomorrow, got ~30 accounts with blocks. Some others managed to send 1-2 messages and got blocked then. Fresh spintax so I don’t think the message content itself is the issue.


Same here.
But not sure if it’s a bug. Seems more like an Instagram measure.
Try in the EB: when clicking the message button and typing in a name you already had a conversation with and click “next” it will work and you can send a DM.
When you type in a name that you did not have a conversation with yet, you will get the “something went wrong” error.
To me it seems like Instagram is limiting the number of new chats you can open up.
I hope I am wrong, but it would make a lot of sense


Sounds reasonable, I’ve had the errors on accounts though who did not even send out more than 4-5 messages so far. Only sending to followers so not spamming hard.


Can you check if you can send a DM to someone you already had a conversation with and report back if that works for you?


I only use API so I don’t think that’s a reliable test source. Logged in via EB on one account and the message function was hidden completely (no “Message” button on user profiles as well - don’t know if that’s usual).

Getting the error on EB as well when I try to message someone I did not have a convo with yet. Not getting any errors on pre-existing convos as you suggested.


If IG would be limiting the number of new conversations, why would they add a feature where you can send a message to your new followers (without a link) directly from the action tab?


Idk, maybe they don’t want to limit it and it’s pure coincidence


Yes we can send a new DM manually via the EB to a client that has already had a convo with the user. If we try to send the same DM to a new follower (with no existing convo) we get the “Something went wrong” error.

I emailed support once again with screenshots but waiting to hear back. This is a critical issue for us as 90%+ of our clients are having us sent out DMs and its now been 2 days without them and already they are starting to ask.


Also, if you are using the EB to send DMs, go into the EB itself to look to see if the DM is actually being sent. MP is saying 25 DMs have been sent - but zero were actually sent. If you look in the DM inbox, the messages are all blank.


Alright, i had to change the title of the thread because not only 4g are having the DM block but every other proxies too and i can confirm it’s true, you can still send auto Dm to users that you already have conversation with but once jv try to send Dms to new followers that you never dm before then the block happens, i don’t think this is Instagram doing because manually i can still dm new followers from phone or from jv eb so i think it’s a JV issue and they need to fix it.


Thanks for the information, bro! Did you already email this to the JV support? I hope they include this in their next update.


Im not using Jarvee, but I had this problem on 2 accounts. After sometime if lifted and back to normal! It is not a Browser based software but API !


what about now ,today can your accounts send automatic Dms to new people with your bot ?


No problem. Just one accout get DM blocked until 09/11. The other accounts are fine !


I can still send DMs with a couple accounts via API to fresh users I didn’t talk to before, very strange. I still believe Instagram is rolling out some updates as we experienced some other issues on accounts which aren’t automated and have never been as well (images not visible for other users, unfollow blocks on a real phone, unfollows reverted).