Do Instagram Saves Matter?

I was just wondering which metrics are the most valueable for your reach?
I thought i have seen a graph somewhere here. Does anyone have that?

Because Likes disapear and i am just wondering.

Likes did not go away as a metric. Just the ability for the general public to see it.

Saves do matter, but I would not waste any time on trying to get too many of them.


Every post of mine that has a 40-50% save ratio goes viral. Based on my experience I would say it’s very effective but shouldn’t be your main priority.

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Every account of mine that was once disabled can still see the likes of posts. Accounts that were never disabled can’t. What’s the cause of this? I thought everybody shouldn’t be able to see likes anymore

Perhaps the region of the account is not USA, Canada or any other that being affected from the changes

Saves are basically categorized super likes. They mean your content is re-watchable and has a lot of screen time, therefore the algorithm will prioritize that. Saves are very valuable.


Can confirm this. High saves = High reach through hashtags and explore


What is a high save rate?

And is the Rate related to the likes / the impressions / or the followers?

Related to likes is what I look at :slight_smile:

What is a high safe rate for you. Is it 40-50% or does it start lower?

How do you know it is not the other way around - high reach = high saves?

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I think any metric

likes, comments, saves, sends are all important to hitting the explore page

I don’t think theres an exact metric that determines reach but anything that increases user retention on your post (mainly content) will give you more results in each metric

30% upwards I would say

They are critical.

  1. Saves are more important than likes if a account is not following. Instagram said that in they way they roll out posts to be seen in the explore page. If an account is following and saves it it promotes more followers.
  2. saves 50% or more will generally go viral ( MUST have huge follower saves)
  3. OFTEN OVERLOOKED – When you remove ‘ghost followers’ you delete a great percentage that save a post. That is not in anyway scrapped by any way outside of Insta servers. This often provides a blow if not a fatality to ER.

Yes, saves matter, a lot.


Didn’t mean to steal your content, I’m sorry if you thought this was the case. I have been reading this forum a lot lately and I just happened to remember your definition from a past thread.

Hope you understand!

Because if the post get’s a lot of saves within the 1st hour the reach is a lot higher through hashtags and explore throughout the next 24 hours :slight_smile:

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Zero shares? Is the account private?

2 k saves with 3K likes?
Is it artificially added?

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No, I went from business to creator account. The information was lost during the process. My posts get around 500 Shares

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