Do not do business with @b3tter


Really disappointed to be posting this, but do not do business with @B33ter aka Collins Masavi. After working with him for over a year and paying him over the course of the year, thousands of dollars, he has scammed me. My partner and I had been putting large orders of IG accounts through him. He was set to deliver 600 accounts to us. My partner paid him $1600 in btc ( we understand the risk, but after you’ve worked with someone for over a year and sent him thousands of dollars there’s quite a bit of trust built up)

Anyways, after sending him $1600 in btc, he pushed delivery back a couple of days and then left our skype group chat and blocked us both on facebook.


His account sales thread was closed recently. Also, many people spoke negatively of his service in the sales thread as well. Not sure what you can do about your losses, but just know that you aren’t the only individual to have issues with this individual.


Can’t do anything, up until now we’ve had a great working relationship but guess thats gone over a whopping $1600


Its crazy how much people will scam you for and ruin their name and reputation and stuff over such a small amount of money.

So he scammed you for $1600 but could have made more if he just kept providing his business to you. I don’t understand some people. So he buys a new laptop maybe pays off this months rent, then what? His $1600 is gone and so is his reputation so he cant sell anything anymore.

I guess they don’t think long term. :man_shrugging:


Absolutely. The crazy thing is we were ramping up our business with him… He easily could have made 10k just from us over the next year


lol sounds unbelievable, I mean 1600$ doesn’t seem thaat much for what he gave up, sorry for your loss man…


Yea see he could have made way more just staying ethical and providing a service. Instead he screwed himself. I dont understand some people.


I was in a phase of life, earning 1k a day and blew it. got lazy and demotivated. deleted everything for a year, had shit in my life.

maybe hes procrastinating worst fear of every internet marketer



@Adnan Time for the ban hammer :hammer:


Wow that’s crazy. The scary thing is that no one would see it coming, because it was such an illogical choice to make. Why scam when you could make more money, just from not scamming?


Do you have conversation screenshots?


Yes would you prefer them to be pm’ed to you or posted


You can post them here


Thank GOD! I’ve said it for months, this guy is the biggest scammer on the forum. On top of that, he is a horrible human being. Will rot in hell


I would say calm down, but the fact that you say it like that makes me want to see the conversation screenshots haha


Everything was good until here… So much good business with him up until this point.


After this, I still kinda gave him the benefit of the doubt… Timezones are completely different so I thought that maybe he had accidentally left and hadn’t seen our messages but after blocking both Michael and I on Facebook (when we weren’t even friends on there to begin with) it was crystal clear we had been scammed.


Did you read the last part of that “Collins has left the conversation” - dude has taken the money and run.


Here’s proof of being blocked too…

He blocked me from my main facebook, but clearly didn’t know about my second facebook I have as a backup in case my other gets suspended


His account sales thread was shut down for scamming. I’m sure this was his last money grab and then bounced for good