Do not do business with @b3tter


It’s a dumb move and they could have made way more here by legit sales.


why pay anyone large amounts in crypto. Whenever I deal with large amounts I make sure im covered. But i see what happened he first gained ur trust .

IMO This guy could be making new accs on the forum trying to unleash the same operation again.

Poor business man :slight_smile: doesn’t see the long term gains.


really sorry to hear this mate… all over $1600 not exactly going to get rich thats so sad.


Damn that sucks, I’m sorry it happen to you and others. It’s time to give him the most wonderful ban :+1:


Keeps begging me to buy accs lol… So that’s the catch… What a retard.


Sucks to hear that. He was shady AF after I purchased a few accounts from him…decided not to do further business.

I see he goes by other aliases. ‘Mulla Man’ was the one he used on Telegram with me. Maybe others can chime in with others? That’s the first time I’ve seen a ‘Collins Masavi’


Lol guys working with a Nigerian… next time try Uganda or India :joy:
I am not a racist, but it is just sooo much more likely that you will get scammed or get a very bad quality working with people from these countries…


He could be from any country.


I’ve bought accounts from him before, they are significantly higher in price than other people.

However, it’s one of the worst experience and the quality is absolutely horrible.


Indeed yes. That guy ‘Had’ paying customers and he thought looting onetime suits best for him.
Poor him


I wouldn’t have done business with someone living in a third world country to begin with. Dude is from Kenya. That would be enough to sketch me out. I have friends from Kenya, millionaires kids, that went to private schools but this dude definitely does not look like he fits that description lol. That $1600 could last him a year with how low cost of living is on 99% of that continent. He could completely disappear. Might as well ban him, he probably won’t come back anyways. He has another account entirely. - the one in the screenshot has been deactivated unless he blocked all of MP lol.


Ok. Banned.
13 char


He’s got several or you know, that’s just another person by the same name. What is he? Like 14?


I googled his username, he’s apparently 24. Found his profile on a CPA marketing forum.


Kinda feel a little bad for him, he must be pretty fucked up internally in order to do something like this…


Large amounts of money that you don’t have to even give the products for upfront is a strong motivator to dumb stuff.


Fun fact, I’ve managed to let my twitter go entirely on it’s own, following followers of my followers, and now I have like 10,000 followers from kenya, nigeria, etc. I shall incite a riot and have them hunt him down.


Yeah but that’s exactly what I mean… His mindset is completely fucked up, thinking super short-term… But I guess you’re right, maybe that’s a lot of money for him like @Connor_Lipke said…


I am sure he took a few people’s money at the same time so maybe living a nice life right now.

Like most greedy people he will move to bigger things, scam the wrong people and end up in a bad situation.

Karma has a funny way of coming around.


He is messing with the wrong community, people here have each other’s backs.