Do not do business with @b3tter


wow saw this late… sent him 200$ for some accounts and till now nothing… damn


By the way, he popped up on my Skype yesterday offering a reduced price for Instagram accounts


dont think so… is profile is still available… cause i odered 3 days back… for accounts worth 200$ told him was going to order about 2000 accs if this came thru


how do we get this dude tho


I’m going to fly out to Kenya and hunt him down myself


he is not Nigerian… am from Nigeria… and i dont do that… you have bad people at your side too…


lol pls do… was really hopeful is accounts would have worked cause of the good reviews i read


lol that like a week profit on one of my smm business


You’re a regular. There’s no shortage of account sellers in the forum.


was creating accounts initially so didnt need to have someone to buy from… but recently it been really difficult except i use a new device… so started searching again… that when i stumbled on him… :slightly_smiling_face:


sorry for your lost OP


I am soooo glad i found this thread after googling his name. I was trying to get a hold of him to buy some ig accounts since he seemed pretty legit chatting with him on skype briefly. I even asked him how the accounts were created and he told me he created them himself using a rooted android and 4g data …which is what I was looking for. If anyone knows anybody else who can provide these type of accounts, I would greatly appreciate it!


This article ranks on the first page in google for “Collins Masavi”. If Collins Masavi is his real name then this story will haunt him for the rest of his life.

I think after my comment this article will rank on #1 :joy: Does SEO still work this way ?


Let him nowhere to escape



All sell 4 G created accounts. You have access to the marketplace. Start there.


Thank you for the recommendation! @wortime
I will open my sales thread in few days! :+1:


This guy is in my skype list. Ask me if i’d like to order some ig accounts too.


He’s relentless! He screwed up here. He could have made so much money.


That’s what happens when you don’t have the vision to see the big picture.

You get satisfied with smth fast and temporary while you could build a real business, long term and that brings you profits for a long time.


Mhhhhh @Bartholomeo also sells 4g APP created accs, it seems…