Do not do business with @b3tter


It seems like half of mpsocial sells 4 G accounts. Sorry, I don’t keep a running list. Feel free to… mention that you sell 4G accounts?


Funny… your accs are sold out quickly which is an indication that they are good and your business is running well.

Why “the cry for love”? --> just asking


@Larsometer No one gets hurt when gets more business :wink:


True… that is why I mentioned that his accounts are quickly sold out. Is kind of advertising, too. I guess…


I was joking.
I dont even have them on stock right now.


So… butthurt for no reason then?


In every joke is a little truth (German proverb). I think in english they say “there is no smoke without fire”.

Was a bit surprised cause @Bartholomeo I think you already have quite some (good) reputation that speaks for itself.


I think someone should make a list of account/proxy providers in level 2.


Again, I wasn’t in search of ads.

If it was the scope I would spam every (almost daily) thread/post that pop up asking for providers
(Thing that I saw other biz owners do, also with other services, nevermind). I’ve even paid threads on other forums that I don’t even update nor bump. I’m not advertising hungry guy.

It was more like “don’t forget me”.

When writing, I was thinking when I once made a list of pva providers and I forgot a “guy” who pointed it out to me with a funny statement.

I just wanted to replicate that funny scene, but I was probably misunderstood.


Why don’t we have a shitlist in this forum?


I think we dont have one because luckily not many were scamming here. People who scammed others in the past were straight up lifetime banned from this forum as far as I know.