DO NOT run 5 accounts on iphone. All 5 accounts disabled

i guess instagram found that i was doing something wrong and i don’t know what i did and i don’t know which account it was because i had 5 accounts i did manually and then i went to use instagram this morning it said my account was disabled for violating there terms and then i tried logging into the other accounts and it said the same thing for all 5, and to make it worse i went on my other phone that i use and it wouldn’t let me log into any of them and i tried my computer at work and also i cant log into them so basically if you have multiple accounts and instagram sees that they are all connected and coming from the same wi fi or phone, or bots then they are just going to disable them all so i think you are risking a lot if you want to run 5 accounts on a phone because obviously if you fuck up on one of those accounts then they will see it came from the same device, etc and disable them


Were these accounts slave accounts doing similar actions or all different niches?


Do you had an automated sms service like getsms code for the accounts? This would be the cause if its the case

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What is the age of your IG accounts?


nope they were all different niches and i was just doing very basic stuff… i had started all of these in January and ive been pretty slow and my biggest one was a fishing niche and i just have my shopify site linked and was selling fishing stuff , i had 38,400 followers and was doing pretty good on it, i was doing like $400-600 weekly on that just using free traffic and now its all fucked up

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i use no apps on my phone at all, i use strictly just instagram

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If you did nothing wrong, why don’t you do an account recovery?
If you weren’t able to recover your account then I think you have something worth posting about.

Nowadays Disabled accounts are normal.

It’s never fun to lose an account, be sure you really lost it for good.

Too much (unintentional) FUD, not enough testing solutions.

You just gave us all the answers why IG blocked/banned your accounts.

  • 38400 since January is not slow
  • Linking to Shopify… IG hates it, no idea how you were doing it but IG found it.

I would think to start selling in IG if you have traffic.

Sorry for your loses you will recover soon :wink:


started them beginning of January but i was doing less follow/unfollows than when i started but im thinking i sent to many DM’s and i don’t know if there is a certain amount of DM’s you can send your followers and if someone knows can you tell me because i was assuming you can send as many DM’s to your followers because they are actually your followers and your not sending random dms to people

Did you have a good spin tax and how many were you sending per day?

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i sent the dispute but they haven’t sent nothing back

i did have good traffic and i made the website on shopify when i hit 12,000 followers and been growing my followers slowly after i hit 25,000 and everything was perfectly fine until now… im just thinking what caused this is when i sent discount coupons to my followers on DM but maybe it was something else but i cant think of anything i did out of the ordinary

i didn’t think you needed to use the spintax since these people were following me and i thought you can send whatever you want to your followers and as many messages as you want just as long they are your followers

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I see the biggest problem right here :eyes:
Not getting a sim card for every phone might save costs but using multiple phones with multiple accounts on your wifi will get you in trouble for sure…

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I think DM’s were the reason :frowning: I type everything on my iphone manually let alone sending the same DM to everyone without using spintax… Because I’m sure IG can detect copy/paste since they have some NASA ish (yes im talking about reading the tap and scroll movements, lol it’s so funny to think about)

Okay you could have multiple problems :flushed:
If you copy & paste messages to all accounts on the same IP and same device

so say if i sent a direct message to all of my 38,000 followers in a day but because they are my followers would instagram flag me because of this because i can understand them flagging me and giving me action blocks if i am spamming and send direct messages to people who are not my followers … so the question is can i send my followers direct messages or is there a limit even tho they are just to my followers??

no i never used wifi , that’s why i used strictly mobile and no wifi … i have 1 sim card i used on my iphone that i ran 5 instagram accounts from and i did everything manually

This is crazy… what’s the difference with a family of 5 members that all have different phones and different IG accounts at the same wi-fi?

Same phone is suspicious but multiple phones should be totally fine

This is a huge red flag for instagram. Spam is spam, no matter if they follow your or not. I use auto DM to new followers on a couple of accounts but i send max 60 DMs per day with a strong spintax.