Do "Personal" Accounts Get More Reach Than "Business" Accounts?

I’ve always turned my accounts into business for the swipe feature, but I have a few accounts with 400K~ followers that I haven’t turned them into yet.

Has anyone kept their account as “personal” and seen better reach/engagement?

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To be honest, I have never seen any difference between personal and business. But I like to have business for the most of my accounts tho

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I have heard mix views on this and have heard from people that turning business does kill the engagement but I do it anyway as the insights and features are important when you want to do shoutouts etc

I really, haven’t noticed any difference on my accounts but as heroeslair said, I’ve also heard some mixed opinions about it.

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I have multiple business account and one personal account, dint find any difference.

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well, a business account has more features and tools that can be used when handling clients and all that stuff, so in most cases, I switch my accounts to that, in terms of engagement and reach I don’t think there is a difference.

I personally don’t see any difference. But I’ve seen some members here saying personal account is better in terms of engagement. You can check out this case study: