Do Pinterest and Instagram track just the IP or do they track the devices and browsers also?


Getting started with multiple Pinterest account and want to take all the safety steps before starting.
What all I need to do so the accounts stay separate from each other and if in future if they ban or something not all accounts get affected.
Thanks for all the help.


yes they do track device id and many other stuff like cell tower where your mobile is connected


So I should use separate computers even if I am using proxy?
And do they get to know about the ISP even when proxy is in between ?


Well they won’t track that far. Because if a Proxy is in the middle the only computer they would track is that proxy Computer, not the one you are using.

You just have to be mindful about everything that you use so you avoid being too suspicious


Okay thanks. You mean use the best proxy ?
Can you suggest a good proxy ?
Luminati is quite expensive


luminati is also heavily paying for ads so most likely flagged by IG…


the BEST one would be to create your own 4G Proxies.
But buying them also works.
Like AirProxy


Creating own proxy sounds like a big project. Have you done that ? Do you have any recence to it ?