Do Repins count as new pins?

I create 18 pins a day of my own content.

Each of these pins, I repin to 3 different boards (54 pins daily). The boards are all group boards.

These 18 pins are based off of 6 blogs.
So for e,x Blog 1, I create 3 designs, each of those 3 designs will be posted to 3 boards each.
Essentially, 9 repins per blog.
I feel that 3 different boards is too little.

Should I increase it to each pin to 6 different boards a day or would that be considered spammy?

Does each repin of the same post to a group board count as a completely new pin?


If I understand your question properly, it does not count as a new pin but repins do count as pins. Repins are actually votes of popularity for a pin.

It is better to get a lot of repins to original pins instead of just posting new pins that get zero repins.

Does that help?

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For sure, I already got my answer before but this was cherry on top, thanks

Repins can’t count as new pins, you can repins for any post to any board to get huge traffic and more visible among audience.