Do SMM panels work at all anymore?


I’m on several different Smm panels and either none of the Instagram likes work or they take a day to kick in. Does anyone know of good one that’s working accurately?


@MojoJojo referral link spotted?



the best


it still working or you’re just saying it? Cuz on 5 smm panels that I am using right now , none of them work.


Same. They all say they’re working and they even say delivered but won’t show up on Instagram.


Yep can’t find any good panel at the moment, they all add some new services and they work for maximum one day, and then there are hugh amounts of orders and service get’s delayed or not delivered at all…


Yeah waiting days on IG followers. Used to be done in an hour.

50% of my orders actually get delivered.


likes too?
right now only views work .


I’ve only bought followers for seeding accounts for LE Tool


A know a few too, but it does take more than 24 hours for the likes and followers to kick in. They do not work instantly anymore. Though this is stated in their announcement. It says due to recent IG updates.
What i know about these panels is that they are mostly all resellers and they mainly have one source.


My tip: order the second most expensive one.

Why? in my opinion they will have the minimum orders quantity, therefore the one that will work better.


I wish it was like that, trying all services daily, sending orders to different accounts, from most expensive ones to the cheapest ones, they are all delayed, they still didn’t figure it out fully, I see some improvements and every day or two they add some new service, but they should put some limits on the orders because the same day they add the service, 100s of people push orders and then service stops working or in best case it get’s delivered in 12-48 hours.


Famoid is working quickly, but expensive.


damn 12.95 for 1000 likes, now that’s expensive haha, but thanks for sharing :smiley:


Famoid is my recommendation too, bear in mind many panels are not delivering.


That’s ridiculous. You can get the same likes for much less buying Facebook ads and they are real and targeted🤦


You aren’t getting real, targeted likes from Facebook for $13.

I just tried 4 different panels that were cheap and they either cancelled, delivered half of what I asked for or took nearly two days to deliver. Famoid was more but delivered within 4 hours and 1 hour (two orders). It’s up to you what you want to pay for and when you need it by. I don’t work for famoid and I do think they are too expensive, but I needed something within a few hours and they delivered.

How are they working so well and nobody else is?


They are really expensive but I’ll try to wait around til the other panels get things straightened out. There’s also apps that have been delivering likes but they’re all the fake spam accounts.


What are you talking about? I get 1000 likes on Instagram via Facebook ads with 2$. Sure thing you won’t get them all in 2 minutes… But at least they are real.


If one panel isn’t delivering, then 90% of others aren’t either. After all, most of them are resellers :slightly_smiling_face:
I would just stick to 1 popular panel instead of making deposits into multiple panels, usually takes a week after Instagram update for panels to fix things.