Do SMM panels work at all anymore?

Yea exactly, panels starting to work normally again, prices are going down and orders getting delivered faster and faster :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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But aren’t the likes from panels jsut from very fake looking accounts? Wouldn’t that ruin future real engagement?

As long as customers want them who cares haha, I wouldn’t recommend to use them on your private account if you want to grow it with real followers and get real likes


Cool thanks for the info


Sorry for the wuestion,but, what is smm panels? :slight_smile:

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Pages for buying likes, followers, views and stuff like that

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There’s a few working ones but prices have gone from $.50 per 1000 to $5

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I bet all their shitty made accounts are getting security codes that don’t work (happened to a few of mine) and the accounts are locked. Panels need to get better aged accounts. Like starting all over again.

I used to work with Instantsmo, but like every other panel most of the services don´t work, so :angry:

As you have commented before the most expensive services are working, but I think this too:

Panels need to get better aged accounts. Like starting all over again.

Does anybody know any panel in which custom comments work?

Just tried to buy 100 followers from Famoid and it says “order canceled” when I check out. Anyone else?

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There is too much orders going on at the same time on most of the panels, so they cancel the orders because they can’t deliver it, try other service or try tomorrow, they are probably sending old orders and after they deliver them they will start with new orders.


Any updates on working SMM panels for followers?

Need it just to make childs social proof.

Thanks buddies

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anyone able to back this up?

Panels still work but I noticed some work sometimes, others work at other times, just a matter of picking and chooseing…testing.

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I would if only we had 48 hours a day lol. That’s why i’m looking for some pointers, but thanks!

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£8.99 for 1000 likes, I used to pay $0.01 for a thousand. JAP are currently $1.19 per 1000 likes, Jesus…

Im not affiliated with JAP but the more you pay the faster they come, the higher the price the quicker they are delivered as the server will be less busy, but at any time they can close a service. Prices and services change hourly! But they seem to be on it. Dont buy followers though they are not guaranteed like they say!

1778 Instagram Likes [500K] [1H - 5K/Day] 1.19 20 500000 More
307 Instagram Likes [20K] [1H - 20K/Day] :droplet: 2.40 100 5000 More
983 Instagram Likes [10K] [2H - 10K/Day] :droplet: 2.20 100 10000 More
1788 Instagram Likes [20K] [1H - 5K/Day] :fire: 2.20 100 20000 More
1761 Instagram Likes [15K] [INSTANT - 10K/Day] 2.50 100 15000 More
266 Instagram Likes [20K] [INSTANT - 20K/Day] :fire::no_entry: 2.80 50 20000 More
1779 PRICE UPDATED - Instagram Likes [20K] [INSTANT - INSTANT] :droplet::fire: 3.35 50 20000 More
1762 Instagram REAL Likes [20K] [INSTANT - 20K/Day]:droplet: 3.35 50 20000 More
1700 Instagram USA Likes + Impressions [20K] [1H - 10K/Day] :droplet: 3.50 50 10000 More
1767 Instagram Likes [1K] [SUPER INSTANT - INSTANT] :droplet::fire::fire::fire: 4.00 100 1000 More
1768 Instagram Likes [20K] [SUPER INSTANT - INSTANT] :droplet::fire::fire::fire: 4.10 50 20000 More
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If you buy most expensive services they work fine, low price ones are getting overload daily, everyone ordering them.

Some work, but its so unstable. Also, prices they sell for now are not acceptable anymore at least for me…

I’m only in need of followers so that’s an issue…

Maybe try someone that sell m/s here on the forum…