Do SMM panels work at all anymore?

I’m doing M/S myself. I need to provide social proof to my slaves. Slaves following slaves would look enormously stupid though

what about likes?

Someone actually flagged his comment for offering a solution to everyone’s problem? Lol rip
Anyway I commented to say I actually tried NeedMoreSMM a few weeks ago and they worked fine tbh

creating an account just to advertise the own business is not well received who would have guessed

This topic is about an issue right? He created an account to provide a solution. Not directly advertise, There’s a big difference between the 2. He didn’t comment just to advertise he actually provided a working solution to 95% of the people commenting about the same problem.

yeah I didn’t flag it, but I am not surprised that it was flagged, that’s what I wanted to say

I just tested “needmoresmm” because someone mentioned it and it worked perfectly fine and fast (I received my followers in 5 minutes :smiley: ) !


Glad to see someone try like I did :slight_smile: I been using for a while now. Highly recommended, followers are working great


You joined three hours ago and all your posts are in this thread. Open a sales thread if you want to sell.

Everyone here is asking for a solution for Instagram followers. I provided one. I don’t even own the panel, I just use it :slight_smile: I am not making any sales off of it. So Stop complaining.

I’m not complaining, I’m telling you to open a sales thread. I need to buy followers in a few hours and will try you out. I’ll leave a review in your thread.

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I would not advise to use it aswell :slight_smile:

Once you’re under steroids, you can’t stop them buddy !


It’s not my panel. I was only recommending it :+1:

Cheaper ones don’t. I use Famoid quite often and have a 20% voucher I usually checkout with. So it’s not all that bad.

If anyone is interested in the coupon it’s: secret20
When you checkout just enter it in:

I have a 35% as well but that’s only for myself :slight_smile:


Yeah been using discounted Famoid because they still take paypal and deliver (and stick) within a couple hours max.

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Go open a sales thread smh and you had the nerve to tell me that :joy:
Edit: Their prices are EXTREMELY over priced holy crap.
Funny how you tell me to open a thread after recommending a panel, yet didn’t say anything to him while he was doing the same thing. Ah, it’s amazing how rules only apply when it’s only self beneficial.

he changed his post, spelled the name wrong and didn’t have a link when I posted

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I was in the wrong. I edited the reply after he had responded. There was no link before hand:

He responded to me when I said this:
“Cheaper ones don’t. I use Famoid quite often”

Plus he has personally used Famoid, hence why he has vouched for it.

And that’s fine, However even simply vouching for it is no different than what I did, and was pressed to open a thread for it when he turns around and does the exact same thing with another provider.

I think the just shut down soclikes :frowning: been down since yesterday. Any alternatives?