Do you prefer manual hashtags research or using a tool?

What do you prefer manually searching for tags individually or using a tool? if manually what has worked for you recently will love to know. i use to prefer searching tags by tags but have not been having a lot of time lately so i just usually take from others now and use on my page. and they have been working a lot for me, i find a small tag pick the top 9 post go through their page and see if they use the tags in more than 10 posts and see the engagements on those posts and if it’s high then i use the tags most times 7 out 10 it works for me but will love to hear from others

I personally use both:
-For research I do it on jarvee;
-Scrape 200+ hashtags;
-Then I go 1 by 1 see if fits my needs :slight_smile:
-Put all inside sheet with average likes, number of posts, average comments.


awesome one bro

Could you please explain how to choose the best ones according to avg numbers of likes, posts, comments? What is the main idea?

The method most of big users use is called stair method:
It’s simple you you can use max 30 hashtag per post but the best away for the post perform is to use divide this 30 hashtags.
You can use 50/50%, 30/30/30%, 20/20/20/20/20% you choose your percentage.
The main ideia is to use % number of hashtags you can rank and this % will help you rank for better hashtags.

Let’s do the 50/50% stair for example.
You have 10k page with average 200/300 likes, you want to use this new method you learned here. First thing is to do case study with hashtags, collect 200/300 hashtags that fit your needs, go through every hashtag and collect, likes, comments(this 2 factors in top 9 in each hashtag) and number of posts.
Then you do the stair method, max you can put on each post is 30 hashtags but never use all of them because IG sees has spam and will cut engagement. Let’s do 20 hashtags, like I said 50/50% will choose 10 hashtags you know you can be on top 9 post’s, hashtags with average 200/300 likes and then you choose 10 hashtags bigger that your engagement, in this case I would go for hashtags with 400/500 likes.
Now in theory what will happen:
Your post gets 200 likes from your followers, your safe hashtags will give 200 likes ( random number), because you got 9 out of 10 hashtags top 9 with this boost from safe hashtags your post might go for top one’s, with 400 likes it can rank on top 9 on these 10 bigger hashtags.

This stair method is very good because you can rank up with bigger hashtags then your page never could rank up, big pages do 30% others 25% you choose your difficulty you want in your stair method :wink:

With 30% for example you would go for 30% safe hashtags you can rank, 30% of medium and 30% hard hahstags.

This is test test and test. With 200/300 hashtags you have saved do some batches/packs of 30 or less to test and see what works the best


Thank you for this advice bro, I will definitely try it out :heart:

In depth explanation man thanks bro

I use a very similar process as @imHugoLeandro. I also take into consideration how long the Top 9 posts have remained on top and how new are the ‘most recent’ posts.

Then it becomes just a matter of trying out the hashtags and throwing out those that you can’t rank.

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Thanks for the info. Could you please tell me if jarvee gives info about which exactly of the hashtags I 've used in the past has performed better ? I am not a user of jarvee and I consider changing towards it…

I think Jarvee doesn’t have that kind of tool to know if you’re in Top 9 in Hashtag, you have to do “by hand” go through hashtag and see if you’re there.

Has I said what I do is I know my page engagement rate, and I have a lot of packs with different hashtags, test this packs/badges some with 20, 15, 25 total hashtags with different stair strategies. You do A/B testing, sometimes I put each batch in 5 pictures and then I calculate the difference between my normal engagement with the engagement I got with this batches, after that testing I know what batches perform better :smiley:

Not today but soon will do post with spoonfed this strategie to show how I do it and how you can tweak it :wink: to take out your questions

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That would be perfect! Thank you. There are tools and apps so that you don’t that manually but they are extremely expensive as I 've seen. :thinking:

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Can’t wait for your guide haha

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What I am doing now is automatin the process like big guys, they contrat programmers to make scripts.

Currently I’m learning python to automate some things like that, check if post is on top9 things like that :smiley:


You gave me an idea for the future… I also work with python :thinking: @imHugoLeandro

Now that Instagram algorithm is putting posts in the top 9 that maybe only get a few likes, is using the top 9 to check a hashtag’s effectiveness even work anymore?

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I normally just use a research tool from Rise Decoded.
really great for me so far!


Will check it out

Do you use exactly tool or their packs of hashtags?

Hi… where did you read that, that now Instagram maybe puts posts in the top 9 that only get few likes ?

I actually export the full list and find whatever is relevant based on the size of the hashtag relating to the size of my account.
That way you really get to utilise it fully.

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