Does anyone have this problem?

Email verification,but can’t work and can’t change the email, what should i do?

happened to me before try Resetting your password than confirm the account after you change your password

than if they ask for email verification click send and you should receive the email tho it worked for me many times before!

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i have tried to do that,but it say user not found.
i don’t know how to do now.

Have you tried to change the email address? That might be something to try as a last resort.

That means 2 things :
the email doesn’t belong to any account
the account has an email revert! So ↓↓
try to login with the username if they say there’s no account with that name than The account is banned

i have tried,but still can’t work

he can’t change the email if hes stuck at the email confirmation page…

@boa5201314 bro we can’t predict for you ,you need to explain when you did the steps i mentioned what did you get !

Tbh in most cases you will find that the account is banned with that email it looks like you bought the account from another seller! !

maybe the account was banned, login with the username it need email verification like the pic i post

sorry to say that but the Account is banned

Agree here it’s likely the email that caused the flag

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True never touch this type of emails! they are spamy

That could not be further from reality.

Email caries some weight, but not nearly enough. There are millions of legit accounts of actual “normal” Russian IG users and there are millions of spam accounts on Yahoo and Gmail.


I remember when making IG accounts (many many many each day) at some point I could not make accounts anymore with Rediffmail. The accounts got banned already when creating the accounts. Yahoo, Gmail and AOL all worked ok.

does the email real or just fake email like what i did?
If its fake email, i will say goodbye like i did to my EV account.

@MojoJojo Thanks For your reply! :grinning: Appreciate it! accs and all those other Russian ones put your trust score to -10 so to say, especially if they are not the original emails of the accs.

back in a day when i was Buying accounts “they were created with Rediffmail” emails And I Never had success with them personally also when i started creating My own accounts started with But had more problems with them than using yahoo and gmail ! so it’s stuck in my mind like a red note!
i advise to use gmail same as i still do now! since i started using Gmail never had any EM confirmation request
i only get if i changed devise ID to many times!

Normal ig users wont do too many actions as the new Botters does! is red flag to IG the more red flags the more chance of a ban and a lot of noobs Don’t know what they are doing so at least they can test with more trusted emails
in the end i don’t know i might be wrong!

I Had same experience you Had with them!

Hes account is Banned and probably he bought the account and did not create it!

Anyone tried using I have made about 100 accounts in 3 months now and about 90% not banned using my mobile and airplane mode trick

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Anyone had this? I click send confirmation and it says oops


@Instagrower try resetting password if it didn’t work i couldn’t further help with this problem you would have to contact Instagram!
or wait for someone else to help You !

yeah,i have the same problem

maybe it was the bug, if you have solved this problem please let’ me know