Does anyone pay for amazon vps?

Hello guys, my free year VPS is going to finish and instead of get another free period I’m thinking to hold my current VPS because I don’t want take the risk of get my accounts blocked by moving on another vps. So I’m trying to figure out how much I should pay each month… Is there anybody who pay for this? How many acc do you run? How much do you spend?

If you use proxies for your accounts, then you can easily move everything without getting blocked or asked for verification.

AWS is pretty expensive, you can find much better VPS for prices they charge.


Hey, I have a windows vps from VPS.Net @Adnan It’s great!

I want to get one similar but they changed the locations of the vps’s…
Anywhere you may recommend to get a US located? I was wondering for a buddy that I’m bringing on to the forum to teach.
Would this be a good fit? Preferably under 15-20 dollars a month… Doesn’t really matter where in the US.

Edit: Looking harder into BB posts to find one but their all pretty expensive for a beginner. And I know he is not technically apt to set one up myself (neither am I).

If you’re going for that site, you will need their otherwise they might suspend you. Idk, but i’ve never heard of them.

Why not try finding one at


Thank you mate! @Packman apprectiates it although he doesn’t know it yet :smiley:

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Thank you all for your replies… unfortunately I’ve never used proxies until now and I think i’ll try to move on another free vps… any tips for doing it safely?

You can continue another year of amazon if you use a different card.

NEVER EVER buy a VPS that isnt from serverhosh. 32 gb ram + 10 core for 40 bucks a month…

@brandowafflz Huge! But I really don’t need so much power right now :sweat_smile:
@dddd Yes, it is exactly what I do :grinning:… I need different mail and different phone number too, right?

they have cheaper options. Im just showing you that amazon and all of the other big name VPS providers overcharge up the ass :wink:

I bought one of these in the past for when I was trialling out with things. Whilst it’s a great price and deal, it was very slow and lagged which made it really unpleasant to use. Just my bit of feedback for anyone who sees this deal and consider it.

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I highly recommend

Although you mentioned serverhosh but I had the same experiences for Amazon AWS computers. I don’t recommend it.