Does anyone use jarvee to creat account?

Does anyone use jarvee to creat account? and how to do it?

Don’t do it, too many footprints. Create the accounts yourself! There are a couple methods here and on BHW you’ll find quickly if you search for them :wink:


They won’t last for a long time, don’t even spend sims, mails to try it out
The only way is to create them manually and then you can automize it by hiring programmer and asking him to write the script for you/doing the same by yourself

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as the bros said Do Not create accounts on Jarvee If you wan’t less and less problems and more trust score on your accounts Instead You might consider checking this out !


Yep, I made accounts using jarvee and they work great. But, as others already said, you should try to create them manually if you want them to last enough.

If you are going to use them with CPA, create them with jarvee and don’t lose your time!