[GUIDE 2019] How to create Instagram account's 🔥 (and start making $$$)

Hi, I’m back again with one tutorial how to create Instagram account’s the right away. Yes the right away yall mfs are leaking and you don’t know why and in this post I will tell you why. So before I start I just wanna say thank you everyone who post’s their own method’s and try to help noobs like me. Been trying to make account’s in last months but this last month some of you guys share very good method’s but their leaking info, that’s why some of you get error’s and link some account’s!

Here are some method’s you should read!!! AND not just read the post, read comment’s too, there’s so much info and gold nughet’s there:



And BIG thank you to Nicknames on BHW he was the guy who shared this great method and I decided perfecting with a bit of salt I saw lost on BHW that no one is talking about (canvas fingerprint) :smirk:

What you will need:

  • Phone with 4G or doungle (good internet plan you wil spend some gb’s doing this each month) or rotating residencial proxies you decide;
  • One computer;
  • Phone cable(not needed but I use this away);
  • Most import brain!

I will start with the most important your brain, when it comes to create social media account’s you can know all method’s but if you don’t the away it works, the info websites got about you and what you need to change you will leak and connect account’s. So if account’s leak don’t cry and forget, KEEP MOTHER FUCKING TRYING, but don’t do the same please! Learn from it, see what you did wrong!

Let’s start:

  • Turn on 4G and turn on airplane mode (time here doesn’t matter) some provider’s change you IP 5/10s after airplane mode other’s 10min/ 1hr, this depend’s on your location and Internet Tower’s, now forget about your phone let’s go for PC (let the airplane mode on)

  • Browser, chrome or firefox, they know everything about you! My advice is use old PC, like me I’m using my old laptop from 2012 with geforce 720. Format PC and Install browser only!

  • Install this extensions:

  1. WebRTC Leak Prevent
  2. Random User Agent
  3. Ghostery
  4. CanvasFingerprintBlock

(this last extension is here most of others fail IG look’s at too much information some high priority, other not, canvas fingerprint is high priority and after some created account’s, months botting this account’s IG will look at your creation method and they will see the same canvas fingerprint number! BAMM ACCOUNT’S LINKED! :sunglasses: )

  • Enable this extension’s on full icognito mode ( chrome://extensions/ click on each extension and enable “Allow in incognito mode”)

  • Now clear all cookies, everything from browser (don’t delete extesions)!

  • Disable “Airplane mode” on your phone and turn on your 4G (this will give you other IP)

  • Connect your phone 4G to your PC you can do wi-fi hotspot or usb tethering, I use USB method.

  • This is a list of all websites (I collected some user’s shared) that can give you what they can see about you and your browser!:

  1. https://browserleaks.com
  2. http://f.vision
  3. https://whatleaks.com
  4. https://whoer.net/fr

(There’s plenty more but personaly this for me are the best! This is the most important part, you can take print, you can writte the info, but check if is everything changed in the next time you create other account, GOOD :grin:)

  • Now you can create mail, hotmail.com or mail.com, this is what I use, you can use other’s but this ones are trusted by IG and don’t need phone confirmation. You can use gmail, but you will need it to phone verify.

(I saw one guy, who bought 200 sim card’s and used gmail for his account’s, if you have money to spend I consider you do the same, buy 100 sim card’s, 1$ for each and you will have high quality gmail will last forever! This numbers you can buy them empty you don’t need to charge them with $$$)

  • After mail creation what I do is gather some cookies, search on Google, I seach some Social media and one TIP for your mail last longer is subscribe to newsletter! This away your mail stays active for more time. I subscribe to 2/3 newsletters (don’t subscribe for the same each mail).

  • After good 2/3min browsing is next big thing IG, our headache!! Just create your account successfully :star_struck:
    You can use this sites to generate some info:

  1. https://uinames.com
  2. https://www.fakenamegenerator.com
  • Confirm mail and profile the account (this step I don’t do random profile I profile for what I need this away you don’t do two times profile in one week not human)

  • Do some actions, follow some people, like photos, see some stories you good to go! Leave profile :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

  • Enable airplane mode, clear everything from browser and REPEAT


  • Remember, your 4G is limited to where you live, IP’s aren’t infinite, some times you will have same IP, check it everytime. If your 4G get’s blocked you know your limit, X account’s, wait some days only do half accounts, X/2. For this I just buy more 4G SIM’s and rotate (be carefull with the amount money you need to pay for that 4G’s)
  • This method isn’t perfect, IG takes much more info than this one! Is all about trial and error!
  • For the people who are hustlers, big guys here and other forum’s they prefer buying account’s then create them, they don’t like to waste time for creation, they wanna grow the account’s soo sell them this account’s!!:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: you can sell this account’s with 1 month for 2/3$ (gmail verified account’s are a little fortune) you can make good deal and one connect, this guys have some experience some day who know’s they can share something with you.
  • Don’t forget this is a game, you need to have fun doing this, IG already knows your botting, is healthy for their platform, if you don’t spam you good to go!
  • We are all learners even myself I consider a noob doing this, I’m learning every day with your post’s, courses, journey and my writting, sorry for my bad english, hope you enjoy reading this! Don’t stop, just keep improving this great method!


If you have to choose between firefox and chrome, GO FOR FIREFOX. Chrome tracks a lot and firefox has built in fingerprint protection.


Yupp this is truee :wink:

+1 on this

This method is already on lvl2, I am wondering, is there a reason why it got moved to lvl2?


Yes, the people in level 1 don’t know that it’s already in level 2 so now we have 3 threads about this method.


Hey guys what do you think, would it better and could it help if I export all the cookies after account creation to import them later in Jarvee when I’m going to log in through software? Or there are no cookies being saved in incognito mode?

Sorry guys actualy grinding to get that level 2 xDD didn’t know about this method on lvl2 gotta level fast :smiley:

I asked this to one experience guy, he said you could do that with some extension too
But you need to convert the cookies for Jarvee. You can test 50/50 accounts with cookies and accounts without cookies see what works best for you :wink:
(in my opinion obviously with cookies work better but idk)

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I can tell you this. Go to your local mobile shop where they display phones that you can actually use and create your IG account.


Another good method for creating accounts, thanks +1

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This is far away the best method, you have some problems, you have to pay gas, if you live in rural area you don’t too much to pick… Do you know someone doing this??

Sure, there are some people doing this.

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Maybe contract some VA to do the job :sweat_smile:

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thanks ,Looking for ways to create an account

Blocking the canvas finger print is not a good idea. You need to create a random one and make sure to not changing it during the creation process.

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Yeah this is what the extension does it “block’s your real canvas” changing for other canvas number :wink:

I know what the extension does. You just need to be careful to not change the canvas on every http request because that could change the canvas multiple times during one creation and that’d leave a big fingerprint :slight_smile:


Will not do that, got it! Thank you :wink:

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are there folks buying accounts at 2$ for real? impressive

Of course yes, HQ accounts have their value :wink:

OMG I used to Jarvee Creator to create Accounts with fresh proxies. Is it good?