Does buying Repins negatively impact account?

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I recently decided to dive into pinterest marketing for a client and read somewhere in this forum that using websites like addmefast is detrimental on pinterest; it can lead to the links getting banned on your account.

Is this true? If so, does buying repins from smm panels also lead to links getting banned?

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I’m not very advanced in Pinterest, but I think it’s like any other social media platform using these services is not good for the long run!!

No. But if you use the accounts to repin or post, more than 1,000 a day, it gets suspended.
Get an army to repin the main accounts with the links you want to promote.


At Level 2 we have access to some advanced Pinterest automation strategies? here is very dry at level 1?


Nothing much on Pinterest and Twitter actually.

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nothing to pinterest

The strategy you shared here is like M/S for IG very clever :+1:
I was wondering if the charts you shared are your data?

Yes they are mine.

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Very good daily volume, you should have an army working for you!!! I will be very interested to learn how can one accomplish such results!!


Massive amounts of repins from one or two accounts is a red flag on Pinterest (and any other social platform).

It is better to have repins spread over multiple accounts and multiple layers.

Repins of repins of your original pins are more powerful.

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Thanks! Yes, totally agree from what I’ve read in the forum :wink:

Thanks! So you mean that if a post gets repinned more than 1k times per day, the owner of the original post gets suspended? Or the the account that did the 1k repins gets suspended?

What I’m trying to essentially trying to understand is if the goal is to get the main account’s pin repinned a lot, why would I have to go through the work of creating + maintaining bot accounts when I could just purchase repins from 3rd party panels?

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I don’t believe the 1K pin a day suspension - if it is quality repins. If a million people love your pin and repin it to a million different boards on a million different profiles, I don’t believe anyone is getting suspended. These pins will be multiple tiered and naturally they way people use the service.

Profiles are getting suspended because they are repining the same pin over and over on the same profiles and boards, or they are all just one tier deep.

I’ve tested some advertised repin services on some throw away accounts and they typically give you a thousand repins on 2 to 5 accounts. They will repin to the same few boards over and over again.

I tested a service that promised teared repins with drip feeds over 10 days. After 10 days there were 0 pins. When I sent an email reminding them they were behind schedule and asked when they were going to get started, they dumped 10,000 repins in 5 accounts the next day.

That is what is getting people suspended or banned.

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I had to laugh at the “here is very dry at Level 1” comment. :joy:

I see, thank you so much for the clarification!

In that case, would you also recommend using 1 link per pin or is it safe to create new pins on a daily basis with the exact same link?

I don’t believe there is any problem with having different image pins share the same URL as long as the image and URL correspond to one another.

As an example, you have dozens of pins with each a different image of people wearing denim clothing. They can all direct back to the same ‘denim’ category page on a clothing ecommerce site.

I think that is a much better solution than pinning the same image with the same link over and over again.

On the other hand, if you have a picture of a kid holding a puppy and it redirects to a gambling/dating/porn site, you are probably in trouble.

Got it, thanks!

Yeah, I did read once that using the same link on a ton of different pictures was seen as scam by pinterest, but perhaps it’s because the link and image just didn’t match.

Thanks again!