Does Level 2 actually have a solution for the latest IG problems?

So, I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but with the latest comments and removal of comments to level 2, I would just like to know if level 2 actually already has solutions for these blocks and is watching these level 1 mega threads as shit shows. I mean, we all know they turn into shit shows but are there some working solutions in higher levels that are just not being discussed in level 1 in case people from Instagram are following these threads? Am I the only one starting to wonder this? And if this is the case, I’m not upset about it … but just would like to know so I stop watching this level 1 thread so consistently knowing that if someone actually provides a real solution it will be moved to level 2.


Watching threads disappear too, curious as well.


@faustisland and if that is the case, then the mega threads in level 1 are just for shit shows and venting … and of course some basic solutions but … come on… why are things getting moved to higher levels? Is it because there are already solutions? … I can’t be the only one thinking this … I mean, think about it. It makes sense. If it’s left so public then Instagram will know a loophole has been found. There are trolls everywhere. How else has Instagram caught on to so much? They walk amongst us here lol. It makes me think that anything public here should just be taken with a grain of salt. Please don’t misconstrue this though leaders and mods. I’m very appreciative of this forum. But, I do want to understand this a bit more.


The one solution that is consistent among whichever level you are is that you need to test, test, test on your own.

And hang in there. Don’t give up.


@intothenight Lol I know … and I appreciate your words…thank you… but … I’m right aren’t I? Lol or you can’t say? On some Illuminati Level 2 shit lol.


If anything it’s reason to stay engaged here when times are good.

A lot of people show up here only when things are bad looking for an easy fix or a hand-out.

You’ll get through this. Just stick around when it settles and keep contributing value so that you’re part of the higher value discussions next time something bad happens which it will - I guarantee.


@intothenight thank you :pray:t3:

Nothing else remained for us to help, get involved, test.
By becoming involved in the forum, you will quickly get the desired level! (For now it is shrouded in mystery: D LOL)

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Just like the like blocks,follow blocks are here to stay.
I don’t believe there will be a solution,just learn to live with it.
You might get away if you get very good proxies,no other solution.


I’m not lvl 2 but I stopped using Jarvee&GMT2 and started to use private codded bots and everything works fine(up to 6000 actions per month). So my guess is that Instagram is strictly targeting the most used botting softwares. Just to let you know :wink:

I will provide more results in upcoming month when everything seems to be 100% okay.


You had no blocks on the 29th you are saying???

No, I did not have any blocks. I started to look for alternatives on 13th of June, since then everything is okay for me and I’m using residential IP and 4G internet.

Residential IP for 5 accounts that are on my computer.
4G Internet on other accounts that are on my phone.Yes… you can run bot on your phone :wink:

So you run 5 on phone or more?

If may I ask… For how long you’ve been using private coded software and how many accounts you currently run on it? Out of those accounts what is your success rate with FBs. As I read you are running on 4G and Residential. Also does the software use an api or web based? Thanks.


Got one of my threads once, that I do not know why, (i was trying to help the community) that got instantly moved to level 2 :man_shrugging:

Seems that there’s precious information there, and somehow I can understand that some infos should not be leaked publicly, to anyone from IG or whatsoever to be able to read it just by coming to MP!


No, it doesn’t have solutions

I run 5 profiles on 1 phone yes.

As I said from 13th of June, I run 13 (3 on my PC using residential IP, 5 on Xiaomi Note 6 and 5 on Xiaomi Note 7 - all with their own simcard with 5GB of mobile internet). It runs on API and I had none blocks since switching to private bot doing around 200-400 actions/per day.

I will add more of my accounts shortly, since I had a busy month.

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If you also do cell phone, which system application do you use on your phone?
Your own system or what?

It’s even in level 1.

when I was in level one i really had the exact same thoughts you have @D33 But as soon as you hit level 2 things start making more sense. I know that wont help you a lot as you are not there yet. But the majority of the people here are nice girls and guys also the leaders and the admins.

TLDR: If there is a real solution it will be shared with the whole community.