Does someone know a good & free Automation tool?


Hey there !

Im looking for a free tool to use for f/uf and liking !
I know that the best tools like Jarvee cost and thats absolutely fine but I was wondering if anyone of you knows some free Tools ?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


There’s nothing truly worthwhile or safe for real world use, beyond building a custom bot yourself. I’ve heard of people using this python script called instabot (instapy maybe?), but it may cause more trouble for your accounts in the long term.

Jarvee offers a free trial so you can at least check it out first :slight_smile:


You could try to use Jarvee in the Trial phase and make some money in that time :slight_smile:


I would go for GMT2 for 10 $/month and unlimited accounts.


Jarvee is well worth the $$ would never waste my time or $ on anything else. Once you get past the learning curve the sky is the limit. If I was on a budget would probably try out GMT2.


I second gmt2, it’s pretty solid for the price. Plus unlimited accounts. So if budget is your main concern, go with that.

But honestly, Jarvee starter can really be worth it in the long term. Get 1 client and it will pay for itself + you’ll earn more.


i have finished free trial and now dont have money to pay for it


How does that work?


Nah, u re in the wrong place, no one uses automation here, we re for the #instagramfreedom


It doesnt work i am not using it


Oh I read your post wrong. Sorry.


Try instapy. It’s a (decent) Instagram bot. once you make money, I’d get off of it immediately though


Can also recommend gmt2, using it and works fairly well, obviously jarvee has way more features, but is way more expensive…

  • Jarvee: More features, more money (I use it for important accounts)

  • GMT2: Less features, less money (I use it for bulk accs, e.g. for child accs)


I use instadub for less important accounts and a private bot I have for important ones(selenium bot, you wouldn’t want it so don’t ask for it)


Just checked instadub out, is it really 100$ one-time? So no monthly costs? How is it working? Would you recommend it for bulk account management?
Thank you :slight_smile:


There is good and there is free, but not at the same time.

Use Jarvee, enjoy their great support and the huge amount of information on this forum.

If you want cheap then Growbot is about $5 a month.

If you want good and free then you need to develop it yourself (assuming you have technical skills and time).
Did I mention time = money?


Yea it is, the gui is bad but once you learn how to use it, it’s good.


Dope, have you used it for mother/child? Does it have avery feature required?


Instadub is so confusing I never even got it working correctly. Its got a million buttons and options per module.

If you can figure it out I guess it would be a good bot but I never did.


I mean a lot of buttons is actually something good isn’t it haha (just have to know what everything is for)
Is there no guide / support on all the features of the programm?
Currently using gmt2, I like it, but some features missing that I would need…