Does the IP from which you Confirm Email matter?

Hi all!

I’ve been reading a bunch regarding account creation and wanted to hear your thoughts on the following question:

Upon account creation, is it better to confirm the email on the IP with which the account was created, or on the IP/Proxy with which the account will be managed?

I usually use the IP of creation, but read somewhere that it was best to use the Management IP/Proxy. Haven’t tried the latter option yet, but if anyone has, would love to learn more!


Yes 13chars…

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I would just choose an email provider which supports less secure apps, enable it and automatically verify through Jarvee when needed. I never verify the email directly after creation just when needed and on the IP / modem on which the account runs long-term. But that’s just me.

Instagram doesn’t require EV for using the app so I think a lot of users are also not doing it immediately. Few weeks ago when I went into my profile settings I realized that I didn’t verified the email on my personal account and I have it since 2012.


I think verifying email give better trust score so it’s better to automate


Wow 7 years without verifying is a long time haha
Thanks for your input btw. As @Kgnkr mentioned, I do believe that verifying the email does improve the trust score, so I would recommend at least that.

And for the accounts that you have verified using Jarvee, have you had a lot of issues/PVs?


I have tried both actually - and I didn’t find a difference.
I am assuming you are asking because it is much less time consuming if you just do it through Jarvee when it is needed and using the automated email verification tool? Correct me if I am wrong.
I thought that it was important to verify upon creation, so I spent hours of extra time with my creation process going through and verifying them. I later used accounts without verification on creation, and they worked just the same.
I think though, that something to consider is how many red flags or foot prints that you will be leaving.
For example, I use real sims, I create on a mobile, I warm up really carefully, I post with real authentic captions, I clean the photos of metadata and hashes and rename them. So for me, I might not really be lowering my trust score much at all, so therefore the email on creation might just not make a difference for me.
If for an example, an account is PVed with smspva and then linked to a bad number, if a proxy has been flagged, if photos have some messy metadata and hashes, and the caption spins are leaving a foot print, then the email verification on creation might be a saving grace :wink:
I hope this makes sense!
But I would say a good thing to do is decide which “rules” you are going to bend and why. Lately, I have been experimenting with some cheaper priced datacenter proxies (in comparison to my current service). Because I am thinking that I can probably save hundreds of dollars a month with a cheaper service, ONLY because I work so hard to keep my trust score so high.
Know what I mean?
If you think you will need that extra trust score boost, then go for it and verify on creation. But if you’re kicking trust score ass, then save yourself some time and just do it through MP later when you have to.


Thanks for your insights!
Yes, I totally agree and it makes sense.
I’m also really careful with the red flags and footprints and that was my main motivation for asking this question in the first place (on top of saving time when creating accounts :slight_smile: ).

Actually, I was thinking of always confirming the email (not just when asked) but instead of doing right after creation, I would do it on Jarvee. I just thought that with everything else being equal in terms of creation and footprints left, confirming the email in theory improves the trust score, so why not do it on the IP with which the account will be managed?

Perhaps I’m overthinking and it’s like you mentioned, the bump in trust score is so little that it’s not worth the effort

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Because Instagram doesn’t require verifying the email for using the app there are average users who verify the email immediately and users who are just annoyed by the checkbox and click it away (not verifying). Account creation itself and proxies are way more fundamental. In my experience there was no difference between verifying the email or not.

In my opinion i think it would be best to verify through the same IP, as that what a human would normally do. Create the account, and then verify with their email anywhere from 10secs to 5 mins later.


I would say yes, because that’s what a normal user would do. If you are using your Ig app in Argentina, why would you verify your email in Spain? It doesn’t have much sense and I am sure that IG tracks this.

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I think youj’re on the right track!
And it seems like you know your stuff with creation, so I’m sure that it won’t make much of a difference! :slight_smile:
Good luck!!
Side note - for me, in canada, mobile creation on a data plan is actually quite expensive and can cost $1 in data alone per account. Plus buying an email, and then it gets pricey. That, and it is insanely time consuming. So, what I started doing is buying accounts from @tobiyox . Him and I talked a ton before I made my first purchase, and now I can confirm after buying hundreds from him that they are incredible. I am mentioning it because what he does is create a gmail, with the same name as the Instagram account. Being gmail is bumping the trust enough, but having the same name as the account is just next level. His strategies are very advanced, and he really knows his stuff. Not only that, but he’s an incredibly helpful dude as well!
I thought I would mention it as it is what I do these days to save time. When you are scaling hundreds of accounts sometimes your time is better spent on other things, which I’m sure you know :wink:

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@Kgnkr This is actualy a good question…
Does it realy gives better trust score? Or you read somewhere and you took this has granted? We have 2 points, test this and other has a normal user yes we verify account after creation but think like IG Team.
“Do we give better trust score when bot users can do this really easy, we are helping them with trust score this will hurt our algo to catch them”
We just need to open other browser page, inside mail click button after creation you got your account EV.

Not verifying mail is just easier to create account you don’t even need to create a mail
You put random mail and it’s good

One thing I recommend you all is to NOT buy the emails. I know it’s off-topic but it’s very important! Create them either manually or invest some $ in an email creator software. You don’t have full control over your accounts when someone else created it.

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Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know about him, I’ll check him out :slight_smile:
Also, we’re totally on the same page. I’m in the US and data plans can also get expensive here

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Here is the way I do it :

  • I always use the same IP/proxy when creating account and veryfing the email
  • I do not verify the email straight away - wait out at least a week or 2
  • I let it rest at least a month before I try warming it up
  • also as Jmarie mentioned here using gmail and the same IG account name as your email address does increase the trust score

Accounts I made this way get less follow blocks so I assume they have a higher trust score on the IG side.


How do we do that?

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Can you suggest us a Software?

XnView: find & select your photos, edit, clean, metadata
Hash Manager: add files, start changing MD5

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What‘s the main purpose of this? Many seem to just ignore that