Does "The Slave Method" used for Instagram also work for Pinterest?

Just curious if the Slave method where you have hundreds of accounts mentioning the main account, DMing or Commenting the main account works on Pinterest too?

Are they as strict with proxies, phone number verifications, etc?

You need to have at least two layers of slaves to get the most bump in PInterest. The first layer repins the main account. The second layer of slaves repins the repins of the first layer slaves.


hey @Duane_Hardy

Great comment, thank you.

A question

Does sharing boards on the accounts have a similar effect to repining the pins.

For example 1 main account sharing a primary board to 10 other accounts for example. Is the reach and impact similar?

What benefit does repin have over sharing a board?

Thank you

I’ve not tested that within a network, but my opinion is it will not have a great impact (in your own network of profiles).

Getting permission to post to other accounts active group boards in your niche will give you a boost. You are getting found on lots of other profiles and have the potential to reach many accounts outside your network.

Increasing your chances for ‘organic’ repins.


I also post on keyboards that are shared by many others- I have junk that is what you are suggesting

I’m assuming the rep in strategy is to drive up the discover rate

Have you tried reminding to ‘secret’ boards on some of the accounts you own as a strategy? If so has that worked for you or do they need to be public ?

Thanks for the response.

Does it make sense to find the pins that get repinned the most in the niche and pinning them to the niche board and sprinkling in my own content pins?

Is that a good strategy and if so, how do you find the most repinned pins on a board besides manually clicking into each PIN.

Is there a way to automate that?

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You can use a website like for popular pins they have found for major categories.

Otherwise it’s manual or BEST you use a paid tool to automate.

PM and I’ll tell you what I am using.