Does TikTok automation work? Can you grow our clients TikTok accounts?

Hi Guys,

I have read a number of posts on this subject however most of which seem to be 3-6months old, and we all know how quickly these social media platforms update their software. Therefore I was wondering if anyone could recommend any current TikTok automation platforms that work? I am an agency looking to grow multiple accounts at once, so happy to work with an individual if they can grow TikTok accounts quick also? As always thank you for the responses, love this forum! :zap::rocket:


It works extremely well, but the bots are inconsistent at the moment.

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I am working with Jarvee, but it’s still on beta and they are improving it. I don’t mind waiting 'cause I’ve just started with TikTok and I’m pretty much used to Jarvee with other platforms so I don’t want to change it.


I agree, in a few months it’ll be an excellent tool for growth once all the bugs are smoothed out.

I sense a new era of automation on the horizon, it’s gonna be a bright one :star_struck:

I can say that it’s working fine, i’m on JV automation, tiktok is still beta but improving, I face some minor issues from time to time but nothing serious, things are going nicely.

Thanks, what bots are you using at the moment?

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That’s great to hear man, glad things are moving nicely for you. What sort of growth/results are you seeing?

Do you not think TikTok will crack down on botting really quickly having seen it’s effects on IG/Twitter?


It’s a fair point, one that will defintely have an impact. In saying this it takes a platform years to really drill down on creating an advanced AI and anti-spam detection software that actually works.

Think of it like how Instagram was back in 2013 and the years just after - the ability to use F/U methods and a ridiculous level of automation without blocks/PV was insane. Up until last year IG client management was highly lucrative, so if it takes a good 5 years or so for TikTok (or even half the time) to get to the same level then I’m all in to make hay while the sun shines :wink:


AutoTokker and JV

I don’t think we have that long but we certainly have a few rock solid years. Enjoy while it’s here!

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Absolutely, let’s enjoy it while it lasts :raised_hands:

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Yes I think we should have a window of opportunity where we can get some huge growth for clients with automation, although if we can learn from our mistakes with IG and implement them onto our TikTok automation then we may stand a better chance of weathering the storm when it comes! :+1:t2:


Thank you, heard alot about AutoTokker, have you personally used it?

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Since damn near the beginning of these bots. Grown several accounts over 100k with it.

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Damn that is alot, will have to give it a test run! Thanks for the recommendation :grinning::+1:t2:

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What is your engagement like on the account?

Hi ,

do you think autotokker works ? Because i think it doesn’t work at the moment !
And what about JV instead ? Does it work ?

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I’ve been using it off and on for like 6+ months and it’s been good. JV hasn’t been consistent enough for my use case yet :confused:

Ah ok , but you mean about tik tok Growth ?

They say it works follow and unfollow , maybe the unique thing works better than hashtag etc etc , don’t you ?


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