Does TikTok automation work? Can you grow our clients TikTok accounts?

F/UF, likes, liking comments etc

Yes but it says work F/U for Tik Tok Growth

I’m confused. What service are you talking about?

you can use Jarvee for Tiktok growth they are always releasing updates that improves it.

Follow, unfollow, like, comment, repost and like comments.


I was talking JV tool

Jarvee’s working for me as well, I don’t think you can find perfect automation for TikTok accounts at the moment. Jarvee is the closest at the moment.

Really? You will have to pm me and explain how to get it working consistently. I’ve always stuck with a few of the OG ones in the industry. Please help me out

Hi , please explain me also how it works and what can it be the monthly followers gained ! thx

Jarvee has multiple articles that explain how TikTok automation works, I will share some of them here.

As for followers’ growth, it really depends on your content how good is that and if people want to follow you or not but it also depends on the sources that you follow and the quality of those sources.

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I’m using Jarvee Tiktok module, mostly the Repost tool and the Follow tool. Are you using JV too and wanting to switch to mp?

I do use Jarvee for TikTok and it’s working fine I’m doing mostly follow/unfollow and reposting, do you use that as well? or just thinking of starting?

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If you don’t mind what sort of results are you seeing Luca? :grinning::chart_with_upwards_trend:

I was referring to followers’ growth, I have few accounts on the run and it seems to be doing good.

Awesome- what sort of daily growth are you seeing?

Does following using a user’s followers works for u? or u just follow using hashtags?

@Phil I have a few accounts that get between 10-30 followers daily.

@Anass_Bensaber no Jarvee has removed that source completely, you only see that because your account has been added before the update, if you add a new TikTok account you won’t see that source anymore.

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Oh i see… @Luca may i ask u which sources u r using now?

In my experience, following the followers of users is much more consistent and higher followers gained per day

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Of course, thats what i use tho, just wonder how bad the results are with hashtag?

I’m using the following sources:

basically, all three and I found that followers gain is much more efficient when using different sources.